Italian Swimmer is Terrifying Freak

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USA Wins Gold Medal for Coolest Fencing Mask

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Why Every Nation in the Olympics Sucks

A Afghanistan – You repeatedly defeat invading forces because your country is an inhospitable hellscape. Congratulations. Except for the fact that you live in an inhospitable ... Continue Reading →

The Real Reason for Michael Phelps’ Decline

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How do you feel about tape delayed coverage of the Olympics?

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USA Flexes Muscles with Unannounced Stadium Flyover During London 2012 Opening Ceremonies

Five U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptors brought the London 2012 Opening Ceremonies to a halt when they roared over top of the Olympic Stadium during a musical number halfway through Friday's ... Continue Reading →

How to Improve Every Sport in the Olympics

Archery – Archery sucks because there are no moving targets. Know what targets would move? Other archers. Badminton – Badminton should be played using the same rules we ... Continue Reading →

Durex Wins Olympic Gold in Advertising

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Rejected London 2012 Olympics Promotional Slogans

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Great Moments in Olympic Sports Failure

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Diving Day Six - 14th FINA World Championships

Great Moments in Funny Olympic Sports Photos

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The 10 Most Average Looking Olympians at London 2012!

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Spain’s Olympic Uniforms Should Get Them Banned from the Olympics

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The 60 Funniest Athlete Names in the 2012 Summer Olympics

A Lady Andrade, soccer, Colombia Semen Antonov, basketball, Russia Michael Arms, rowing, New Zealand B Fanny Babou, swimming, France Ibrahim Balla, boxing, Australia *Elena Baltacha*, ... Continue Reading →

Home Depot Shift Manager Starting to Think Michael Phelps isn’t 100% Focused on His Job

Gary Heckerdt has worked at Home Depot since 1998, moving his way up from a part-time staffer to shift manager at the Towson, Maryland, location. "I know most people don't ... Continue Reading →

London 2012 Organizers Leaving Olympic Security Up to Judo, Taekwondo and Fencing Competitors

The chairman of the London 2012 organizing group today rejected security concerns ahead of the Olympic Games, despite the firm hired to provide security offers announcing it would ... Continue Reading →

The Ancient Greek Origins of 10 Summer Olympic Sports

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Could the 2012 Dream Team beat the original Dream Team?

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