Disappointed Eli Manning Informed His Team Didn’t Win the World Series

A still-glowing Eli Manning was pulled aside at Giants practice today and informed by head coach Tom Coughlin that it was the San Francisco Giants who won the World Series, not the ... Continue Reading →

World Series champion Tim Lincecum: "I’m going to Amsterdam!"

San Francisco Giants ace Tim Lincecum stepped up with an epic performance in Game 5 of the World Series to clinch a championship for the Giants, but slightly messed up a planned postgame ... Continue Reading →

Biddy football game ends on dramatic 11-yard Hail Mary pass

A biddy football game marred by miscues and poor execution ended today on a dramatic Hail Mary pass that fell into the arms of a receiver just beyond the goal line. "I didn't ... Continue Reading →

CC Sabathia to Eat on Just 3 Minutes Rest

Yankees ace CC Sabathia has decided he will bypass his usual 4-minute break between meals and will try to eat on just three minutes of rest. "It's the playoffs. My team needs ... Continue Reading →

Skill Position Player Beaten Up By Non-Skill Position Player

Oregon receiver Jermichael Dyson is thought of as a deep threat who can stretch opposing defenses with his speed and his ability to jump over defenders and come down with the ball. ... Continue Reading →
Cleveland Browns v Tennessee Titans

Mothers Against Drunk Driving speak out against Braylon Edwards’ taunting penalty

MADD President Laura Dean-Mooney released a statement yesterday calling out Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards for his 15-yard taunting penalty following a touchdown score Sunday afternoon ... Continue Reading →

Andy Reid announces Michael Vick will be named starter around halftime on Sunday

Eagles head coach Andy Reid reiterated Monday that Kevin Kolb will not lose his starting job to injury. "If Kevin Kolb is healthy, he will start for us on Sunday," said ... Continue Reading →

New York Liberty’s conference finals elimination not expected to hurt WNBA Finals ratings

The top media market in North America will not be sending a team to the WNBA Finals. The New York Liberty were swept out of the Eastern Conference Finals last night by the Atlanta Dream, ... Continue Reading →

Matt Leinart quickly picked up by All-Time NFL Draft Bust Team

Matt Leinart didn't go long without a job. After being released by the Arizona Cardinals on Saturday, Leinart was quickly offered a job by All-Time NFL Draft Bust Teams from every ... Continue Reading →

Bud Selig to give Nyjer Morgan a spanking

Following an incident Wednesday night where Nationals center fielder Nyjer Morgan charged Marlins pitcher Chris Volstad, starting a bench-clearing brawl, MLB commissioner Bud Selig ... Continue Reading →

Manny Ramirez gives pre-game interview in Flemish

Chicago White Sox slugger Manny Ramirez proved again today what an intelligent and wordly person he is by giving a pre-game interview entirely in Flemish, a variety of Belgian Dutch. ... Continue Reading →

Mark Sanchez in favor of Ground Zero mosque so he can meet Middle Eastern women

New York Jets quarterback made a strong statement today declaring his unconditional support for the controversial mosque that is planned to be built just blocks from Ground Zero in ... Continue Reading →

U.S. to only get interested in World Basketball Championship if Team USA loses

Team USA narrowly advanced past Brazil yesterday at the World Basketball Championships, a victory that failed to generate any interest in the team at home. "I was ready to open ... Continue Reading →