Lakers Keep Asking Steve Nash if He Saw That Jason Kidd Retired

Steve Nash's cellphone lit up Monday morning. "I was working out and came back to my locker and saw my phone," said the Lakers point guard. "I had 20 voice mails ... Continue Reading →

Steve Nash Passes His Armpit Towel to Metta World Peace

With bacteria on the assist! Continue Reading →

TSN’s SportsCentre Doesn’t Like Laker Victories

How dare they speak ill of national hero Steve Nash? Continue Reading →

Steve Nash as Old-Timey General Store Owner

It’s clear now that he moved to L.A. for the movie roles. Continue Reading →

Steve Nash Trade to Los Angeles Kings

Well, he is Canadian. Continue Reading →

Steve Nash is the Diarrhea Superhero We Need

The NBA Cares. Continue Reading →

The ’90s Were an Embarrassing Decade

Maybe they got drunk with Don Nelson before getting those hairdos. Continue Reading →

Steve Nash Cares Not for Nicki Minaj’s Lap Dance

He seems like someone who might prefer a lap dance from Karen O. (via Black Sports Online) Continue Reading →

This is what the Canadian version of the game Operation looks like

Huh. That guy's face looks kind of familiar. Continue Reading →

Steve Nash patiently waits for his fourth teammate to come out during the All-Star Game’s opening ceremonies.

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Steve Nash would like you to vote for him for the NBA All-Star Game.

This is a great campaign approach. And it just might work. Although if it does, the entire Eastern Conference squad might end up being New Jersey Nets. If you're interested, you ... Continue Reading →