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PICTURE: Stanford Players Troll Nation by Dressing as Nerds After Beating Oregon

At least Oregon hit them hard enough to break their glasses. Moral victory for the Ducks.  Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Stanford Fan Makes Great Anti-Oregon Sign

Creating clever signs is where a quality education really pays off. Continue Reading →

Stanford Band’s Pot Drummer

The band is out on the field! They’re just laying there, looking up at the clouds! Continue Reading →

Stanford Field Goal Attempt Goes a Smidge Wide

Not to smart now, are you? Continue Reading →

Who is the best college football team in the country right now?

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Suggested "College GameDay" Signs of the Week: USC vs. Stanford

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Suck For Luck: The Board Game!

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Lombardi Trophy Renamed for Jim Harbaugh

The NFL announced today that it will rename the Lombardi Trophy, named for coaching legend Vince Lombardi and given to each season's league champion, for modern football coaching ... Continue Reading →

Stanford Lineman Scores!

But it was for the wrong team. Not so smart now are you, Stanford? Continue Reading →

Girls Don’t Like When You Call Them Conn’ts

He doesn’t teach Women’s Studies at Stanford. (via Deadspin) Continue Reading →

Report: Stanford Football Players Taking Exams for Stanford Chemistry Club

According to several sources within the Stanford Chemistry Department and the National Collegiate Chemistry Association (NCCA), the school's renowned Chemistry Club is being ... Continue Reading →

Stanford players excitedly run off the field to a study hall after beating USC 55-21.

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