PICTURE: Rams WR Austin Pettis Has a Mighty Ducks Tattoo

Maybe the Rams would be better at hockey. Continue Reading →

Pickpocket Lifts More Than $30,000 from Rams Players While Michael Sam is Distracting Them

A pickpocket managed to make off with more than $30,000 in cash and valuables from the St. Louis Rams training camp locker room while players were being distracted by openly gay teammate ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: 1980s LA Rams Music Video, “Ram It”

He Rams it all day and he Rams it all night. Continue Reading →

Nation Disgusted That a Late 7th-Round Draft Pick Could be Loved

Former Missouri defensive end Michael Sam touched off a flood of outrage after he was taken with the 249th pick on the 7th Round of the NFL Draft on Saturday night and kissed his boyfriend. ... Continue Reading →

7 Year-Olds On Seeing Michael Sam Kiss His Boyfriend During the NFL Draft

“Kissing is disgusting. When my parents do it I want to throw up.” – Aaron Continue Reading →

SLIDESHOW: Hottest HABS of the 2014 NFL Draft

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VIDEO: Vernon Davis Tackled by the Junk

If the NFL truly cares about player safety, they wouldn’t allow players to be pulled down by the dong. Continue Reading →
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Report: Rams So Bad Not Even Brett Favre Interested in Playing for Them

The St. Louis Rams reportedly contacted Brett Favre about taking over at quarterback for the injured Sam Bradford, but the 44 year-old turned them down, making the Rams the first team ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Rams Fan Has Football Flat Top

Every good barber knows: laces out. Continue Reading →
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Sam Bradford Uses National TV Stage to Make the Case That He Sucks

St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2010 draft, but he has managed to play his career in relative anonymity far from the national spotlight in ... Continue Reading →

FOX Believes the NFL Has More Than One Overtime

Donovan McNabb found a place that will hire him. Continue Reading →

The Tickets Sales Approaches of 6 Awful NFL Teams

#1 – The Support Group Approach Be there. Together. Because if you're alone and watch this team, well … let's not even think about it. Their ticket number probably ... Continue Reading →

Which NFL team is most likely to go 0-16?

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St. Louis Rams Fans Apparently are Morons

Ram Rule 6: If you need these rules, you shouldn't be here. Continue Reading →

Rams Have Some Sex with the No-Huddle

That's almost as weird as Rex Ryan. Continue Reading →

Sam Bradford Makes a Girl Cry

She cries a lot, though. As she is a Rams fan. Continue Reading →

St. Louis Fan Has Cardinals Shirt, Ram Horn Head Tattoo

He is a diehard. And unemployable. Continue Reading →

Rams-Seahawks Apparently Sponsored by the Special Olympics

No, it wasn’t PhotoShopped. Continue Reading →