Pirates Fan Deserves Giant Gold Glove Award

Your browser does not support iframes. Let this be a reminder: People with giant hand deformities can be athletes, too. Continue Reading →

Brave Boyfriend Allows Girlfriend to Take Home Run in the Face

George Costanza’s nephew is slimmer than he was. Continue Reading →

Wackin’-Based St. Louis Cardinals Sign

Midwesterners are so crude. Continue Reading →

Cardinals Fan Taunts Albert Pujols

At least Pujols can afford a nice TV. Continue Reading →

St. Louis Cardinals Fans: What is Wrong with These People?

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Wisconsin and Missouri: The Hilariously Biased States

The truth is whatever you want it to be. Continue Reading →

2011 Was a Long Time Ago

Pujols, Tulowitzki and Lincecum? Those guys are the worst baseball players EVER. Continue Reading →

Pujols is Now Ajols

Cardinals fans aren’t supposed to use this kind of language. Disappointing. Continue Reading →

Frame-by-Frame Analysis of What’s Wrong with Albert Pujols

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Future Pulitzer Winner Interviews David Freese About Rollercoaster

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"Minor League Guy" is on Third

"Minor League Guy" should really help the Cardinals replace "Albert Pujols". Continue Reading →

Cardinals Fans Now Think Albert Pujols Sucks

Maybe if the Angels got David Freese. Continue Reading →

St. Louis Reports That Former Selfless Humanitarian Albert Pujols is a Big Asshole

Longtime humble, hard-working, and charity-minded baseball superstar Albert Pujols is now pretty much the world's greediest asshole, claim many in St. Louis. "What a dick," ... Continue Reading →

Girl Loves Cardinals More Than Love

She probably thinks Tony LaRussa is hot. Continue Reading →
World Series Rangers Cardinals Baseball

Bloody Hell, Baseball Sounds Great When Called with an English Accent

Cricket with an American accent is still incredibly boring, unfortunately. Continue Reading →

Missouri Felt the World Series Was Pretty Good

I guess they just really like Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. Continue Reading →

Alex Rodriguez Strikes Out to End Cardinals-Rangers World Series

The Cardinals-Rangers World Series ended in an odd, yet unsurprising way Friday night, as New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez struck out for the third and final out in the ... Continue Reading →

Mike Napoli’s Foot is Very Bendy

It’s okay. His entire body is made of taffy. Continue Reading →