St. Louis Cardinals Holding 7-Game Intrasquad World Series The Right Way

While the World Series is being held in Kansas City and San Francisco, the St. Louis Cardinals have opened an intrasquad The Right Way World Series being played exclusively at Busch ... Continue Reading →

President Obama Calls Cardinals to Laugh at Them for Losing NLCS

President Barack Obama called Cardinals manager Mike Matheny late Thursday night, telling him that St. Louis’s NLCS elimination on a Game 5 walk-off home run was one of the better ... Continue Reading →

What Your Favorite Playoff Baseball Team Says About You

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VIDEO: Yadier Molina Leaves Crackers on Home Plate for Jose Molina

The fat brother always gets picked on. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Matt Adams and a Reds Fan Give Us the Greatest Moment of the 2014 Baseball Season

Usually people of Matt Adams’ size are jolly. Continue Reading →

Amazing St. Louis Cardinals Fans Still at Busch Stadium Applauding Stuff

Fans of the St. Louis Cardinals, widely regarded as the best fans in all of baseball, have proved their greatness again by still packing Busch Stadium, days after the World Series ended ... Continue Reading →

Honest World Series Promotional Slogans

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Game 1 of World Series Trounced in Ratings by People Waiting for NFL RedZone Channel to Come Back On

Game 1 of baseball’s Fall Classic was soundly beaten in the Nielsen ratings Wednesday night by the NFL RedZone Channel which broadcast nothing but a screen saying the RedZone ... Continue Reading →

Google Auto-Fill Previews the 2013 Cardinals-Red Sox World Series

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Perfectly Logical Reasons to Hate Everyone on the Cardinals and Red Sox

Carlos Beltran – Thinks he’s the Fun Police. He felt the need to lecture Yasiel Puig on how and when to celebrate in the NLCS, even though he had no problem flexing his ... Continue Reading →

What Are Those Creepy St. Louis Cardinals Logo Birds Thinking?

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PICTURE: Shocking Poll Results Find Only Cardinals and Braves Fans Think Yasiel Puig is “Disrespectful”

  Thanks again, Cardinals and Braves fans, for protecting the nation from the scourge that is fun. Continue Reading →
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Wholesome Cardinals Fan Publicly Apologizes for Coveting Yasiel Puig in His Heart

Leroy “Chip” McDougle, a 26 year-old St. Louis general store stock boy, apologized to the citizens of his fair town today for committing the sin of envy — specifically: ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Joyous Cardinals Fans Invade Pittsburgh Broadcast Wrapping Up Pirates’ Playoff Exit

Who turns down a kiss from the most attractive woman in St. Louis?  Continue Reading →

Flowchart: Who Should You Root for in the 2013 MLB Playoffs?

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PICTURE: Mike Matheny Looks Very Different Out of Uniform

Not only does Mike Matheny look different, but Busch Stadium behind him looks like a hellhole. Continue Reading →

Matt Holliday Hits Home Run with His Fly Down

Babe Ruth hit lots of home runs with his junk out. Probably. Continue Reading →

Mets Fan is as Successful in Life as the Mets are at Baseball

Started at the bottom and now he's back there. Continue Reading →