Survey: Tebow Ad Convinces 99-Percent of Men to Never Have an Abortion

A scientific survey conducted after Tim Tebow's anti-abortion ad aired during the Super Bowl showed that the spot was remarkably convincing to male viewers. In fact, 99-percent ... Continue Reading →

10 Worst Super Bowl Commercials of All-Time

Every non-sports fan knows the Super Bowl is about the commercials. And everyone knows that the measure of a good commercial is how memorable it is. Here are ten Super Bowl commercials ... Continue Reading →

Haiti to Donate $1 Million to the NHL

The beleaguered Haitian government announced plans today to redirect $1 million from its treasury to the National Hockey League, identifying the NHL's need after the league donated ... Continue Reading → Acquired by Google in $1 Billion Deal

Google, Inc. has purchased the website for $1 billion, a deal that gives the internet giant control of the most-trafficked and most-established "Fire Coach" website ... Continue Reading →

Marcus Jordan Demands All UCF Faucets Run Cool, Crisp Gatorade

The University of Central Florida has begun a $350 million plumbing overhaul on its campus that will flow fresh Gatorade through every water fountain and faucet at the school. The move ... Continue Reading →

Pistons Hope Construction Of New Squalor Boxes Will Increase Revenue By 50%

Officials for the Detroit Pistons and the Palace of Auburn Hills announced today the construction of 300 brand newsqualorsuites located in the general vicinity of the Pistons home arena. “We ... Continue Reading →

Powerade Changes its Name to "P"

Sports drink brand Powerade announced today that it is changing its name to "P", a move designed to model Gatorade, now "G", the longtime market leader in the category. "Powerade ... Continue Reading →

Luxury Box Geisha Probably Should Have Laughed At That Joke

Kumi Mikoto, a 16-year-old geisha working assigned to the luxury suite level of the new Yankee Stadium, expressed deep regret on Tuesday that she did not laugh at the joke told by investment ... Continue Reading →

Throwback Game Features Futuristic Prices

The Denver Broncos sported throwback jerseys from their inaugural season in 1960. Their opponent, the New England Patriots, also wore old uniforms from their AFL days. Even the officials ... Continue Reading →

$20 Home Passes Allow Fans To See Cowboys Stadium At Home

After selling more than 30,000 “Party Passes” for $29 to help set the NFL’s single-game attendance record on opening night, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones announced ... Continue Reading →

Serena Williams is now endorsing Tampax. Here’s her first ad.

Yes, Serena Williams just signed an endorsement contract with Tampax Tampons. Here's the first ad of the campaign. Well, it's a draft. But I think it's effective. Because ... Continue Reading →