Fat Brewers Pitcher Taunted by Ad

It’s not like he wouldn’t happily drink one on the mound. Continue Reading →

Durex Wins Olympic Gold in Advertising

I think they mean at SEX! Continue Reading →

Bobcats Now Selling Tickets Like They’re Expiring Soda

Maybe I’d consider 10 years for the price of 1. Maybe. Continue Reading →

Gillette Understands the Power of Assvertising

Perhaps they use Gillette razors to shave their butts. Continue Reading →

Nike Releasing Line of ACLs

Saying in a press release that “athletes deserve better than the imperfect product they’re using,” Nike announced today that they are rolling out a line of ACLs, making ... Continue Reading →

Under Armour Unveils Line of Prom Dresses

The sports apparel company Under Armour announced that it is releasing a collection of "prom performance attire" this coming spring. The collection includes six tight-fitting, ... Continue Reading →

Adidas to Counter Nike "Pro Combat" Uniforms with Uniform Designs That Don’t Look Like Crap

Adidas today announced a unique design approach to college football uniforms, vowing the company will seek to differentiate itself from its competitors with uniform styles that "don't ... Continue Reading →

NFL Players Open to Playing 2011 Season With Replacement Owners

The NFL Players Association announced today that if a resolution on a new collective bargaining agreement is not reached soon, the players may take steps towards playing the 2011 season ... Continue Reading →

Butler Bulldogs Considering Offers to Relocate to a Bigger Market

In the midst of another surprising NCAA Tournament run, the Butler Bulldogs have informed local officials that they are exploring a move to a larger market that can raise the team's ... Continue Reading →

Madden 12: CBA

It’s no more boring than the Head Coach games. Continue Reading →
Vince Young

Vince Young: "I’m running low on the money I saved for the NFL lockout"

Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young says he has all but run out of the money he had socked away for the NFL lockout, admitting he might be open to taking whatever deal the NFL ... Continue Reading →

NFL Players Go On Strike In Waning Minutes of Super Bowl To Force League’s Hand

In the waning minutes of Super Bowl XLV, with the Green Bay Packers precariously clinging to a 3-point lead over the Steelers in an exciting game, the two teams took off their helmets, ... Continue Reading →

AshleyMadison.com Ad Rejected by the Super Bowl

They won't air it because they have classy stuff like GoDaddy ads to show. Continue Reading →