Enterprise Rent-a-Car Accused of Hiring Former NCAA Athletes Solely to Help Company Softball Team

Recreation league officials across the United States are conducting investigations into alleged cheating by basketball, softball, soccer, and flag-football teams sponsored by Enterprise ... Continue Reading →

The 25 Least Powerful People in Sports

The sports world has many powerful figures. Roger Goodell. David Stern. Phil Knight. Scott Boras. But the powerful can’t be powerful if there aren’t nearby powerless to ... Continue Reading →

Nike Announces They’re All Out of Basketball Shoe Design Ideas

Nike's basketball division announced today it has shuttered its shoe design department and from now on will only sell remakes of past basketball shoes. "For decades we've ... Continue Reading →
New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez breathes in the freezing weather as his team plays the Cincinnati Bengals during their NFL football game in East Rutherford

NFL Sells Out with New Logo Helmets

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Nike Fires Michael Jordan for Misleading Them About His Fashion Sense

A day after cutting ties with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, Nike ended its longtime relationship with former basketball player Michael Jordan, citing increasing evidence that ... Continue Reading →

Condom Depot Sponsors MMA Shorts

One anus can only fit one penis. Hardly a depot. Continue Reading →

Worst Sports Endorsement Logo Placement Ever

They’re Britain’s No. 1 fart manufacturer. Continue Reading →

CNBC Asks Important Business Question: “Is Tim Tebow still a virgin”

This could impact the stock price of Trojan Condoms. Continue Reading →

Will you buy a pair of Nike’s new $300 LeBron James shoes?

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Olympics Ad Fail

I'm totally going to go get in shape and stop being fat! Ahh, never mind. I'm going to Arby's instead. Continue Reading →

The New Chick-fil-A Bowl Trophy Isn’t Very Subtle

Ahhh! Two guys holding a wedding cake! Ahhh! Continue Reading →

Fat Brewers Pitcher Taunted by Ad

It’s not like he wouldn’t happily drink one on the mound. Continue Reading →

Durex Wins Olympic Gold in Advertising

I think they mean at SEX! Continue Reading →

Bobcats Now Selling Tickets Like They’re Expiring Soda

Maybe I’d consider 10 years for the price of 1. Maybe. Continue Reading →

Gillette Understands the Power of Assvertising

Perhaps they use Gillette razors to shave their butts. Continue Reading →

Nike Releasing Line of ACLs

Saying in a press release that “athletes deserve better than the imperfect product they’re using,” Nike announced today that they are rolling out a line of ACLs, making ... Continue Reading →

Under Armour Unveils Line of Prom Dresses

The sports apparel company Under Armour announced that it is releasing a collection of "prom performance attire" this coming spring. The collection includes six tight-fitting, ... Continue Reading →

Adidas to Counter Nike "Pro Combat" Uniforms with Uniform Designs That Don’t Look Like Crap

Adidas today announced a unique design approach to college football uniforms, vowing the company will seek to differentiate itself from its competitors with uniform styles that "don't ... Continue Reading →