VIDEO: Steve Spurrier says he “went into the players locker room … and intentionally jerked a bunch of them off”

Steve Spurrier is allowed to jerk a bunch of players off as long as they are okay with it. Continue Reading →
Steve-Spurrier-exercise-ball (1)

VIDEO: Steve Spurrier Humping an Exercise Ball – The Workout!

It’s none of our business what a man does with his exercise ball in a private gym. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Fish Fry During South Carolina-Tennessee Game

  SEC football is delicious.  Continue Reading →

Jadeveon Clowney’s Stock Plummets After He Fails to Decapitate Anyone

South Carolina beat North Carolina 27-10 in college football’s marquee opener Thursday night, but the story coming out of the game was the disappointing performance by Gamecocks ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: South Carolina vs. North Carolina a Great “In-State” Rivalry

In fairness, more than half of each state’s name is spelled the same. Continue Reading →
Steve Spurrier

PICTURE: Steve Spurrier Enjoys Arby’s

He’s a man’s man. A curly fry man. Continue Reading →

Dodge Durango Driver Either is a Gamecocks Fan or Has a Request

Making this was the highlight of some South Carolina prisoner’s entire incarceration. Continue Reading →

South Carolina Likes Big Hits More Than Kids with Cancer

Maybe it’s time for them to secede again. And Hawaii’s statehood is revoked, too. Continue Reading →

South Carolina is Still Very Much Enjoying Jadeveon Clowney’s Hit

Should have put that ad in a Michigan newspaper. Continue Reading →

3-Year Old Girl Destroys South Carolina-Michigan Outback Bowl Refs

She makes more sense than most football analysts already. Continue Reading →

Outback Bowl Ref Redefines First Downs

It’s an exhibition game. Who cares. Continue Reading →

Steve Spurrier Says the Kansas City Chiefs Could Beat Several College Teams

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier stated today that he feels the Kansas City Chiefs could give a good game to three or four teams in college football. "Not BCS conference ... Continue Reading →

Arkansas Pig Lady Sings to Marcus Lattimore

Why is she trying to torture an injured player? Despicable. Continue Reading →

Classiest Fan Sign at LSU-South Carolina Game

Chances his wife has those proportions? Probably pretty slim. (Meaning not slim.) Continue Reading →

South Carolina’s Kicker Looks How a Kicker Should Look

They let him out of his locker whenever they cross midfield. Continue Reading →

Suggested “College GameDay” Signs of the Week: Georgia at South Carolina

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South Carolina Gamecocks Rooster National Anthem

South Carolina high culture is the greatest high culture. Continue Reading →

Steve Spurrier Wine

Mmmmm … cock wine. Delicious. Continue Reading →