VIDEO: Pit Bull Invades Western Oregon Softball Game, Steals Gloves

That pit bull is bad. But it’s still not anywhere near as bad as Pitbull. Continue Reading →

Foul Ball Crushes Grandpa’s iPad

Nice work. Now you're out of the will. Continue Reading →

Inside-the-Park Bunt Home Run

Chicks dig the short ball. Continue Reading →

Grandma Nearly Killed During Family Softball Game

Someone wants their inheritance now. Continue Reading →

Worst Name in Softball History

His ancestors were rapers. He comes from a long line of rapers. Continue Reading →

The 10 People On Your Company Softball Team

#1 – The Official Equipment Guy You don’t know exactly what his salary is, but it’s apparently more than yours. Or, if he does make what you make, he is spending 90-percent ... Continue Reading →

Reports: A Girl Is Up, So You Can Move In

According to numerous reports from the infielders on your slow-pitch, rec league softball team, a girl is up so you can take a few steps in from your outfield position. No … more. ... Continue Reading →

Dale Strapp (Pine Bluff, Ark. > Softball)

DALE STRAPP PINE BLUFF, ARK. > SOFTBALL Strapp, a 34-year-old father of three, hit a walk-off, three-run home run to lead his slow-pitch softball team, Pete's Grille, to a win ... Continue Reading →