Drunk, Old, English Soccer Fan Wants to Fight You

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Even As Own-Goals Go, This is a Terrible One

Sometimes it's hard to remember which way to kick the ball. Continue Reading →

New Worst Soccer Penalty Kick Ever

That's what you get for diving, diver. Continue Reading →

Great Moment in Soccer Fan Hooliganism: Punching a Horse in the Face

Why the long face? Oh, right. Got punched by a human. Continue Reading →

Messi Really Excited for Match

Sex weakens legs. But not self-sex. Continue Reading →

Soccer Ref Attacked by Vuvuzela-Wielding Man

Still better than having to hear one. Continue Reading →

Free Kick to the Face. FREE KICK TO THE FACE!

Sometimes it makes more sense to cover your face than your junk. Continue Reading →

March’s Funniest Sports Videos

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Geoff Cameron

MLS Announces Plans to Play All of Its Games in Heavy Snow

MLS commissioner Don Garber announced today that the 18 year-old North American soccer league will play the remainder of its 2013 schedule in heavy snow. "The U.S.-Costa Rica ... Continue Reading →

Brazilian Soccer Player Decides to Karate Kick Ref in the Face

Yeah! Showed him who's in charge! Continue Reading →

Missed Soccer Shot Hits Post, Crossbar, Post, Post

He's awesome at not scoring. Continue Reading →

Loose Weasel Bites Soccer Player in the Hand

Who could have known that picking up a wild weasel would backfire. Continue Reading →

Kazakhstan Pro Soccer League Has Poor Field Conditions

A Borat joke here would have been really good a few years ago. Continue Reading →