VIDEO: MLS Reporter Takes a Soccer Ball to the Head

Poor girl. It would be so much more prestigious to get hit in the head at a soccer game in Europe.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Luis Suarez Rises from the Dead in a Soccer Easter Miracle

This diving proves his dive-inity. Continue Reading →

The 7 Kids on Every Youth Sports Team

Few of us ever play professional sports. A few more play in college. But most everyone played sports as a kid. And if it was Little League or biddy soccer, every team had the same seven ... Continue Reading →

Flowchart: Why Are You Currently Rioting?

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VIDEO: The Best Soccer Analysis You’ll Ever Hear (Contains Profanity)

The beautiful game has beautiful language. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Our Soccer Mascots’ Heads are Falling Off

Disgusting. That mascot’s spinal column looks like a human head.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Soccer Goalie Makes Save, Becomes Jerk, Gets Red Card

Oh, come on. What’s the point in making a great save if you can’t taunt and instigate your opponent? Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Rooster Streaks Soccer Pitch, Defeats Security

That rooster made those security guys look like total cocks.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Soccer Player Scores Goal, Celebrates with His Face

It’s good they aren’t made out of glass.  Continue Reading →

The Funniest Athlete Tweets of 2013

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Great Reasons to Hate All 31 U.S. World Cup Opponents

Group A Brazil: Maybe Pelé started it, but AMERICANS like Cher and Madonna made the single-name thing popular. Now it’s all Brazil does. Get your own schtick, you pube-less ... Continue Reading →

6 Alternative Ways to Group the World Cup Teams

Alphabetical Classification Continue Reading →

Slideshow: 10 Photos You Find When You Google “Sports Slideshows”

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