New Worst Soccer Penalty Kick Ever

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Great Moment in Soccer Fan Hooliganism: Punching a Horse in the Face

Why the long face? Oh, right. Got punched by a human. Continue Reading →

Messi Really Excited for Match

Sex weakens legs. But not self-sex. Continue Reading →

Soccer Ref Attacked by Vuvuzela-Wielding Man

Still better than having to hear one. Continue Reading →

Free Kick to the Face. FREE KICK TO THE FACE!

Sometimes it makes more sense to cover your face than your junk. Continue Reading →

March’s Funniest Sports Videos

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Geoff Cameron

MLS Announces Plans to Play All of Its Games in Heavy Snow

MLS commissioner Don Garber announced today that the 18 year-old North American soccer league will play the remainder of its 2013 schedule in heavy snow. "The U.S.-Costa Rica ... Continue Reading →

Brazilian Soccer Player Decides to Karate Kick Ref in the Face

Yeah! Showed him who's in charge! Continue Reading →

Missed Soccer Shot Hits Post, Crossbar, Post, Post

He's awesome at not scoring. Continue Reading →

Loose Weasel Bites Soccer Player in the Hand

Who could have known that picking up a wild weasel would backfire. Continue Reading →

Kazakhstan Pro Soccer League Has Poor Field Conditions

A Borat joke here would have been really good a few years ago. Continue Reading →

10 Great Sports Debate Questions … Answered Once and For All!

#1 – Is LeBron James better than Michael Jordan was in his prime? Unfortunately, there is just no way to know this because Michael Jordan’s prime fell when LeBron James was ... Continue Reading →

Flying Soccer Crotch Kick

It's an awesome finishing move for goalies. Continue Reading →