United States Decimates Belgium in International Friendly War

The United States beat Belgium today in an international friendly war, destroying the cities of Brussels, Antwerp and Liège with an unrelenting air raid, while the Belgium's ... Continue Reading →

May’s Funniest Sports Photos

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Soccer Player Scores Goal, Puts His Shorts on His Head

If David Beckham did it, it would be the new style. Continue Reading →

Soccer: The Deadliest Sport

Stop flopping just because you were hit with an arrow! Continue Reading →

The 10 Sexiest David Beckham Photos of All-Time

Here's Beckham going ham on a ham sandwich. So hot. (Not the sandwich, though. Ham is a cold cut.) - – – – - David Beckham and fire together. It doesn't ... Continue Reading →

Found: The Worst Soccer Goalie Ever

He's so good, he's the only player that can score on him. Continue Reading →

Study: Shitty Teams Think They Don’t Get Any Calls

In a decades-long study that looked at collegiate and major professional sports across the world, researchers revealed today that really shitty teams tend to believe that they never ... Continue Reading →

Soccer Goal Blows Away

Now it will be even harder to score. Continue Reading →

Soccer Goalie Knocks Himself Out

That's a red card for a blow to the head. Continue Reading →

Soccer Player Unfortunately Sucks at Soccer

Have to have skill to kick the ball that high. Impressive. Continue Reading →

Soccer Linesman Decides to Attack Player

That's a good kick. He must have played soccer before. Continue Reading →

Drunk, Old, English Soccer Fan Wants to Fight You

The English are adorable at that age. Continue Reading →

Even As Own-Goals Go, This is a Terrible One

Sometimes it's hard to remember which way to kick the ball. Continue Reading →