VIDEO: English Soccer Reporter is as Clutch as the English Soccer Team

“Breaking news just in: My leg.” Continue Reading →

20 Amazing Soccer Facts Most American Sports Fans Don’t Know

1. Soccer developed in London’s famed Newgate Prison in the early 1800s. Prisoners who had their hands cut off for crimes of theft came up with a sport that used only the feet. ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Presenting the World’s Cockiest and Crappiest Soccer Goalie

Just one swing-and-miss in soccer is a problem. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Tackle by Soccer Ref One of the Better Football Hits You’ll See All Season

Oh, sure. He doesn’t seem so liberal with handing out cards when he’s the offender. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Argentine Soccer Coach Dislocates His Shoulder While Celebrating

There might not be enough magic soccer spray in the whole world to fix a dislocated shoulder. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Soccer Lineswoman Takes a Ball to the Face

Soccer lineswoman concussions: the biggest sports issue in modern times. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: An American Football Coach Tries to Coach in the English Premier League

This seems fake. He’s not fat. Continue Reading →
soccer player kung-fu kick

VIDEO: Outstanding Kung-Fu Kick to the Head in Soccer Match

Oh, sure. Flop because you got cleats in your face. Continue Reading →

Dirk Nowitzki: Soccer Flopper

Mark Cuban does not approve. Unless he owns that soccer team. Then he's cool with it. Continue Reading →

The 25 Least Athletic-Looking Athletes in Sports

#25 – Peter Crouch David Beckham is almost the perfect male specimen. Whatever loose bits of English soccer player that were left over after making Beckham were apparently stacked ... Continue Reading →

Polish Soccer League Has Rather Wet Field Conditions

Maybe it's a water polo league. Get it? POLISH JOKES! Continue Reading →

Mother Nature Scores Outstanding Soccer Goal

If she were a true soccer star, she would just go by Mother. Continue Reading →

Just a Brawl at a One-Legged Soccer Match

They may be down a legt, but they're all holding two metal weapons. Continue Reading →