VIDEO: This Finnish Moguls Skier Did Not Win Gold

He is … wait for it … FINNISH‘d. Boom. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Downhill Ballet Ski Dancing Was Once a Thing

The fact that this doesn’t exist anymore means we can never laugh again. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Perimeter of Sochi Ski Slope Patrolled by Giant Bears

In Mother Russia, slope skies YOU! Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Mexican Olympic Skier is Wearing a Mariachi Band Ski Uniform

The helmet hat seems a little small. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Paralympic Ski Racer Josh Sundquist is the Best at Halloween Costumes

  In 2011, he must have been building up his upper body strength in order to be able to pull off 2013. Continue Reading →

Kid Falls Off Ski Lift

Yes, he was okay. Although he was likely embarrassed by his upper body strength. Continue Reading →

Great Moments in Winter Sports Failure

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Rock Skiing

That’s probably bad on the wax job. Continue Reading →

Amish Skiing

I think we can all agree that it's time the Amish get to host the Winter Olympics. Continue Reading →

The Ugliest Ski Boots Ever Made

Or coolest? No, ugliest. Definitely ugliest. Continue Reading →

10 Tips for Skiing Success!

Make sure that you’re properly attired to stay warm and dry by picking up a pair of bibs. Remember, although you may be an adult, wearing bibs is still considered cool during ... Continue Reading →

Found: 1 Eddie "The Eagle" of downhill skiing (VIDEO)

The last time the Winter Olympics were in Canada in Calgary in 1988, the British gave us Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards — the worst ski jumper of all-time. Now, in Vancouver ... Continue Reading →

Slovenia’s Tina Maze competes in the women’s Super-Creepy in the Vancouver Olympics.

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Lindsey Vonn Blames Shin Injury on Rental Ski Boots

U.S. Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn had hoped to win multiple medals at the Vancouver Games. Now it's a question of how many, if any, races she'll even ski. Vonn's Olympics ... Continue Reading →

Bikini Skiing

That’s one place you don’t want frostbite. Continue Reading →

Crazy Guy Skiing

Putting the ski resort right next to the mental institution may have been poor planning. Continue Reading →

Guy Falls Out Of Ski Lift

Ma, it happened again! Continue Reading →

Death-Defying Ski Jump

A young skier soars through the air like a gold-medal-winning Olympian. Astounding! Continue Reading →