VIDEO: Henrik Lundqvist Empties His Water Bottle On Sidney Crosby’s Head

He was just trying to help resurface the ice and Crosby’s head got in the way.  Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Lady Penguins Fan Wants Her Headboard to Give Sidney Crosby a Concussion

She is the Kathy Bates in “Misery” of hockey fans. Continue Reading →
NHL: MAR 08 Penguins at Capitals

Sidney Crosby Rekindles Ovechkin Rivalry with Disappointing Playoff Exit

While most in hockey thought the Sidney Crosby-Alexander Ovechkin rivalry hit its peak in 2009, the battle between hockey's two most recognizable stars may be back on after Crosby ... Continue Reading →

College Jeopardy Geniuses are Not Geniuses About Hockey

Ahh, yes. NHL superstar Sidney "Geno" Crosby. Continue Reading →

America Does Not Have Much Faith in the New York Islanders

America is a smart nation. Continue Reading →

Penguins Worried Sidney Crosby Will Struggle to Make Plays Inside New Protective Plastic Bubble

Penguins star Sidney Crosby may return to the ice from a broken jaw for Game 1 of Pittsburgh's first round series against the New York Islanders, but there is concern he will ... Continue Reading →

Sidney Crosby Face

His face is still experiencing concussion symptoms. Continue Reading →

When You Think Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malking, You Think … Crack Addicts

Flyers fans probably think something else. Something totally classy and not homophobic. Continue Reading →

Sidney Crosby’s New Look Worse Than Any Concussion

This will likely cause an increase in the number of people saying Sidney is a girl’s name, huh? Continue Reading →

NHL 13 Has an Outstanding Checking Glitch

So that's how Sidney Crosby gets those concussions. Continue Reading →

Sidney Crosby is Shown the "The Cowardly Penguin" Newspaper Cover

It's as though he doesn't appreciate the amazing wit that went into that. Continue Reading →

Philly Paper Calls Sidney Crosby "The Cowardly Penguin"

It’s funny because he beat Philadelphia’s best player in a fight. Continue Reading →

Probable Upcoming Headlines in Sidney Crosby’s Comeback

Continue Reading →

Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin as "Perfect Strangers"

The NHL could use some primetime, major network exposure. Continue Reading →

Sidney Crosby’s Boo-Boo All Better

Nearly a year after suffering a season-ending head injury, Pittsburgh Penguins star Sydney Crosby returned to the ice for the first time Monday night, receiving confirmation from team ... Continue Reading →

Hockey: It’s as Serious as Making Bread

Hockey and bread = #CanadianPeopleProblems Continue Reading →

The Pen(guins) Is Mightier

Burt Reynolds would be a great webmaster. Continue Reading →

Michigan Hopes You Enjoyed Sidney Crosby’s Career

Well, it would help the Red Wings win more Cups. Continue Reading →