SportsPickle Animated Short: "Randy Moss Babysits Tom Brady’s Kid"

Tom Brady says Randy Moss is responsible. Hard-working. He has vouched for him in the press. And Brady shows he means what he says by letting his star wide receiver babysit his newborn ... Continue Reading →

Short play: "Tim Donaghy’s Book Signing"

Scene:A Barnes and Noble store in Manhattan. Tim Donaghy sits behind a folding table signing copies of his NBA expose, "Personal Foul." A dozen or so customers stand in line ... Continue Reading →

Reporter insists he’s asking about Troy Polamalu’s knee, not his goddam hair

Reporter:Troy! Troy! Tell me about your knee. The Steelers defense is suffering without you. When can you get back on the field? Polamalu: Well, I owe my great hair to Head & Shoulders. ... Continue Reading →

Short play: "The Charlie Weis Exit Interview"

Scene: The office of Notre Dame director of athletics Jack Swarbrick. There is a knock at the door. – – – – Swarbrick: Yes. Come in. (Charlie Weis enters.) Swarbrick: ... Continue Reading →