The Best Dream Shaq Ever Had

If this was Inception, Shaq’s dreams would go deeper into a deep-dish pizza. Continue Reading →

Shaq’s bedtime binky? His penis.

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Shaq’s New Nickname

He’s finally ready to admit that he’s Irish. Continue Reading →

Free agent Shaquille O’Neal auditioned for the Boston Celtics yesterday.

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Shaquille O’Neal announced today that he is signing with Nike.

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Despite his intense hunger, Shaquille O’Neal found the taste of his mouthpiece somewhat displeasing.

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CollegeHumor ‘Shaq Retires’ Prank

Behold! The power of the Internet… and lying. Continue Reading →

Shaq Twitters That He’s Out of Breath

Cavaliers center Shaquille O’Neal updated his fans via text message on Twitter tonight to let them know that he is really exhausted from having to run the entire length of the ... Continue Reading →

Shaq Dances at All-Star Game

Shaq's best dance scene since Kazaam. Continue Reading →