TNT’s “Inside the NBA” Schedules 3 PM Rehearsal to Practice Laughing at Shaq’s Jokes

“Inside the NBA” producers scheduled the team’s on-air talent to meet on-set today at 3:00 p.m. for their weekly practice of laughing at Shaquille O’Neal’s ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: The Animated Tale of Adam Sandler Trying to See Shaq’s Penis

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VIDEO: Shaq Thinks a Pierogi is a Sausage, Remains Aggressively Stupid

It’s amazing how good the NBA on TNT show is considering that 1/4 of it is Shaq. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Charles Barkley Makes Shaq Look Stupid Again

Watch out, Charles. Shaq is sure to come back with a zinger a lot of people will feel obligated to fake laugh at. Continue Reading →

Charles Barkley, American Hero, Humiliates Shaq on National TV

Shaq doesn't care for jokes when retelling awful motivational cliches. Continue Reading →

The World’s Worst Sports Website

Can’t be worse than his time with the Cavaliers and Celtics. Continue Reading →

Shaq vs. Aaron Carter: Part 2

Shaq could also beat Aaron Carter at music. Continue Reading →

Spike Lee, Shaquille O’Neal and Dustin Pedroia

Shaq is too tall for good lighting. Continue Reading →

Leaked emails explain Shaq’s appearance in a 2000 Aaron Carter music video

_In 2000, just before what would be an NBA Championship-winning season for the Los Angeles Lakers, Shaquille O'Neal's agent, Leonard Armato, reached out to him about a possible ... Continue Reading →

Shaq Smokes Through His Ears

His ears should be drug-tested. Continue Reading →

Shaq’s Tiny Girlfriend

She’s even little for Little Penny. Continue Reading →

Shaq’s Sex Tape Panned by Critics

Shaquille O'Neal's latest foray into film is as bad as his original appearances in movies such as "Kazaam" and "Steel", say film critics. "The f—king ... Continue Reading →

Let’s Remember Shaq How He Should be Remembered: For His Star Turn in "Kazaam"

It's like his free throws on the silver screen. Continue Reading →

Shaquille O’Neal Retires from Basketball to Spend More Time with His Family-Style Restaurants

Celtics center Shaquille O'Neal, one of the most decorated players in NBA history, has announced his retirement from the game. O'Neal cited spending more time with his family-style ... Continue Reading →

Shaq Balance Beam

I think they’re scaring their neighbors. Continue Reading →

Charlie Sheen With Shaq And The Cy Young In Better Times

Or were they worse times? Sheen wasn’t crazy awesome then. (via SportsGrid) Continue Reading →


It will look more realistic as the person gets fatter and older. Continue Reading →

Shaq Conducts the Boston Pops

Finally a job that doesn't require him to be mobile. Continue Reading →