Serena Williams Hits Herself in the Face with Her Racket

Serena Williams is going to beat the crap out of Serena Williams. Continue Reading →

Serena Williams Had the Bad Idea to Try Rapping

She should stick to dancing in Sir Mix-a-lot videos. Continue Reading →

Serena Williams Calls Ump a Hater

You know who is also a hater? The lines on the court. Continue Reading →

Serena Williams’ Gravity-Defying Trunk Junk

She also appears to have junk in her hood, too. Continue Reading →

Serena Williams’ New Twitter Avatar

Wow. Nice television. I could stare at that all day. Continue Reading →

Serena Williams Very Much Wants to Increase Her Ass Size

From @serenawilliams AKA tennis player Serena Williams … – – – – – Continue Reading →
Serena Williams Hits The Beach

This is One of the World’s Premier Athletes

You can quit dieting. It obviously won’t help you at sports. (via With Leather) Continue Reading →

Serena Williams is now endorsing Tampax. Here’s her first ad.

Yes, Serena Williams just signed an endorsement contract with Tampax Tampons. Here's the first ad of the campaign. Well, it's a draft. But I think it's effective. Because ... Continue Reading →

Serena Williams’ apology letter (first draft)

Serena Williams has released an official apology through her blog. You can read it here. SportsPickle obtained a copy of the original draft of the apology, penned by Serena herself. ... Continue Reading →

"You see, Serena, the problem is that if you tried to shove the f–king ball down her f–king throat, it would get f–king stuck right f–king he

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Serena Williams stops her celebration mid-fist pump after catching a glimpse of Nicole Kidman’s horrid, mangled, witch-like face in the crowd.

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"Ohhhhh. No way! They gave you a tight end’s number because of your huge ass and man arms."

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“Ohmigod. Please say my balls aren’t showing.”

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