Marshawn Lynch’s Ridiculous "Hit And Run" Playoff TD

The greatest play by a 7-9 team in NFL playoff history! Continue Reading →

What lower seed has the best shot at winning the Super Bowl?

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This Is How Owning the Seattle Seahawks Makes You Look

Don’t worry. He has billions to console him. (via @darrenrovell) Continue Reading →

Rams-Seahawks Apparently Sponsored by the Special Olympics

No, it wasn’t PhotoShopped. Continue Reading →

Karma Tackles Leon Washington for Taunting Punter

Karma probably also hates his ugly gloves. Continue Reading →

Punters Getting Laid Out Will Never Not Be Funny

The NFL needs to cut down on the violence. Except violence against kickers and punters. Continue Reading →

Images from Pete Carroll’s Revealing Seahawks Press Conference

New Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll had an introductory press conference that won't be forgotten for a long time. Continue Reading →

Dan McGwire: "I obviously didn’t take any steroids"

The tearful admissions continue to flow from the McGwire Family. Hours after big brother Mark McGwire admitted to extensive steroids use during his record-setting 16-year major league ... Continue Reading →

Seahawks Interview Blackface Pete Carroll to Circumvent Rooney Rule

The Seattle Seahawks interviewed Pete Carroll today for their vacant head coaching job and are reportedly close to coming to terms with the USC head coach. "This is moving very ... Continue Reading →

Why does this man keep hitting himself in the face?

Owen Schmitt, Seattle Seahawks: Possible explanations: 1. He wanted to remind the Jaguars that he's a human being, a real man — a gentle soul who bleeds real blood. So, please, ... Continue Reading →

Seahawks fans taunt Jaguars players, confident in the NFL discipline policy, stadium security, and the height and strength of the fence saving them fr

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