Sean Payton Forgot How to Use Binoculars

He think players look much smaller than they used to. Continue Reading →

Best Saints Fan Ever

The back of the shirt with KILL ROGER GOODELL is even better. Continue Reading →

Sean Payton is Rocking the Braces

He put a bounty out on snaggle teeth. Continue Reading →

Sean Payton Playing Bongos

He’s hitting them with a stick? There must be a bounty on them. Continue Reading →

Saints head coach Sean Payton heads out for a romantic vacation with the Super Bowl trophy at his side.

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Sean Payton’s Testicles Named Super Bowl Co-MVPs

For the first time since Super Bowl XII the Super Bowl MVP will be shared. In 1978 Randy White and Harvey Martin of the Dallas Cowboys shared the award, and now the left and right nuts ... Continue Reading →