This Girl is Attracted to Pitchers with the Same Hair

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Caveman MasturCelebrates

What a difference only a few pixels can make. Continue Reading →

Sadly, This Giants Fan Was Murdered While Leaving Citizens Bank Park

At least he was happy before he was beaten to death by Phillies fans. Continue Reading →

This Guy is a Giant Drunk Giants Fan

He curses like a drunken sailor/Tim Lincecum. Continue Reading →

Giants Send Huge Box of Drugs to Ron Washington and Josh Hamilton

The San Francisco Giants engaged in bit of old-fashioned gamesmanship today by trying to get inside the head of their World Series opponent Texas Rangers before the series officially ... Continue Reading →

The Face of Phillies Fans Today

This is also the face of Phillies fans up until 2008. Continue Reading →

This Sang "God Bless America" at a SF Giants Playoff Game

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San Francisco Parents Are Very Liberal

Although letting their kids wear panda pelts isn’t very progressive. Continue Reading →

Our Most Adorable CIA Interrogator

She also feeds you chicken soup via waterboard. Continue Reading →

Phillies Fans Need to Mellow Out

Tim Lincecum could give them something to help. Continue Reading →

CSN Bay Area with a confirmed sighting of Bigfoot’s Uncle Leo

Unless that's one of the Giants. In which case he would be fitter than most baseball players. Continue Reading →

Does Tim Lincecum Kiss His Mother With That Mouth?

Probably not, because she would smell the weed on his breath. Continue Reading →

Flowchart: Who Should You Root For in the MLB Playoffs?

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