A Giants Fan Enjoys YouTube, Memes and Rape

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If Josh Hamilton Ever Falls Off the Wagon, He Should Do It In San Francisco

I’m sure Hamilton makes enough money to buy his own ginger ale, thank you very much. Continue Reading →

This Girl is Attracted to Pitchers with the Same Hair

Or maybe she just likes ugly dudes. Continue Reading →

Caveman MasturCelebrates

What a difference only a few pixels can make. Continue Reading →

Sadly, This Giants Fan Was Murdered While Leaving Citizens Bank Park

At least he was happy before he was beaten to death by Phillies fans. Continue Reading →

This Guy is a Giant Drunk Giants Fan

He curses like a drunken sailor/Tim Lincecum. Continue Reading →

Giants Send Huge Box of Drugs to Ron Washington and Josh Hamilton

The San Francisco Giants engaged in bit of old-fashioned gamesmanship today by trying to get inside the head of their World Series opponent Texas Rangers before the series officially ... Continue Reading →

The Face of Phillies Fans Today

This is also the face of Phillies fans up until 2008. Continue Reading →

This Sang "God Bless America" at a SF Giants Playoff Game

That should help ‘Merica’s perception of San Francisco. Continue Reading →

San Francisco Parents Are Very Liberal

Although letting their kids wear panda pelts isn’t very progressive. Continue Reading →

Our Most Adorable CIA Interrogator

She also feeds you chicken soup via waterboard. Continue Reading →

Phillies Fans Need to Mellow Out

Tim Lincecum could give them something to help. Continue Reading →

CSN Bay Area with a confirmed sighting of Bigfoot’s Uncle Leo

Unless that's one of the Giants. In which case he would be fitter than most baseball players. Continue Reading →

Does Tim Lincecum Kiss His Mother With That Mouth?

Probably not, because she would smell the weed on his breath. Continue Reading →

Flowchart: Who Should You Root For in the MLB Playoffs?

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GM Desperately Trying to Start Rumor That He Has a Big Penis

San Francisco Giants general manager Brian Sabean has been working the phones as the Major League Baseball trade dealine approaches, proposing deals and repeatedly mentioning that he ... Continue Reading →

San Francisco Giants Hold "Cool Players Only" Meeting

Citing a lack of locker room cohesion caused by “somepeople” being complete dweebs, several of the popular players on the San Francisco Giants have decided to hold a “Cool ... Continue Reading →

San Francisco Giants: 2010 Preview

SportsPickle is previewing each MLB team in the lead up to Opening Day 2010. Today:San Francisco Giants (2009: 88-74, 3rd in NL West). Continue Reading →