Ryan Vogelsong Draws Shortest Straw, Forced to Sit Next to Brian Wilson in Dugout

Ryan Vogelsong's dominating postseason performances meant nothing today when the Giants drew straws before their Game 7 match-up with the Cardinals to see who would have to sit ... Continue Reading →

San Francisco Giants Fans: What is Wrong with These People?

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Ump Really Enjoys Reds-Giants Game

He seems too close to Buster Posey to call a fair game. Continue Reading →

Matt Cain Will Win California in 2012

Perfect gaming the Astros is just mean. Continue Reading →

All That’s Left of Barry Bonds is His Giant Head

He seems to have forgotten that PEDs are an important part of cycling, too. Continue Reading →

Matt Cain: Unrecognizable Baseball Star

They probably don’t caption their Lebron photos: “Bald guy, headband.” Continue Reading →

Beer-Drinking Horse is a Matt Cain Fan

The horses who smoke weed are more into Tim Lincecum. Continue Reading →

Reports: Brian Wilson Still Has a Beard

According to reports out of San Francisco Giants spring training, team closer Brian Wilson is sporting a large, black beard. "Yes, the beard," said Giants third baseman Pablo ... Continue Reading →

America’s Baseball Fans Think California is Full of Pussies

Apparently Dodgers and Padres fans forgot to vote. Continue Reading →

Brian Wilson the Most Googled By Himself Athlete of 2011

Google continues to roll out its most-searched for names and terms of 2011, announcing today that San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson Googled his own name more than any other ... Continue Reading →

$55 Million Federal Investigation Successfully Forces Barry Bonds to Watch TV at Home for 30 Days

Retired baseball slugger Barry Bonds was sentenced to 30 days house arrest on Friday by U.S. District Judge Susan Illston for giving misleading information to a grand jury. The sentence ... Continue Reading →

Marlins Pitcher Walks Guy Who Just Wants to Get Out

The 12 fans in the stands witnessed a great baseball moment. Continue Reading →

Brian Wilson Fan Homage

Almost 100-percent accurate in its douchiness. Continue Reading →

Commander-In-Chief Meets Beard-In-Chief

Brian Wilson is a member of the Beard Whig Party. Continue Reading →

Kid Pouts at Giants Game

Tim Lincecum does that when there's no weed. Continue Reading →

San Francisco Giants Brand Weed

Tim Lincecum only endorses products he uses. Continue Reading →

How Other Closers Plan to Steal the Spotlight from Brian Wilson

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Brian Wilson’s Spandex Tuxedo

He needed much more attention as a child. Continue Reading →