Bill Walsh Coaching Tree Butt Tattoo

At least it’s not as embarrassing as a Bill Belichick coaching tree butt tattoo. Continue Reading →

10 NFL Playoffs-Themed Drinks and How to Make Them

THE ROB GRONKOWSKI Directions: Pop open a bottle of Cristal and pour it all over a famous porn star. Then drink the Cristal off of her or just have sex with her or drink the champagne ... Continue Reading →

Vernon Davis and Joe Staley Sing Adele

Adele could be a good lineman. Continue Reading →

NFL Playoffs Stars and Their High School Equivalents

Tom Brady = The Rich, Handsome Kid He has it all. He's rich, he has the nicest clothes and the hottest girlfriend in school (although his clothes are a bit on the dandy side). ... Continue Reading →

Jim Harbaugh is Flanked by America’s Coolest Dude

Gallagher’s blond brother is apparently a Niners staffer. Continue Reading →

John Harbaugh’s Unnecessarily Cruel Postgame Comments to Jim Harbaugh

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Are the 49ers serious contenders to win the Super Bowl?

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Harbaugh-Schwartz Mad

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Jim Harbaugh 49ers Anthem

You have a good thing, 49ers fans. Don't scare it away. Continue Reading →

Which of the following NFL teams has the best shot at making the playoffs?

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Takeo Spikes is Good at Football, Bad at Celebrating

The Raiders are just bad at everything. Continue Reading →

"Tough night, Kurt. Just consider yourself lucky I’m wearing pants right now."

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49ers safety Michael Lewis raises his hand to politely ask Jay Cutler to throw him an interception, too.

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ADD: Vernon Davis, TE, 49ers

ADD: Vernon Davis, TE, 49ers — Davis was viewed as a bit of a project when San Francisco selected him with the No. 6 overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. It appears that project ... Continue Reading →

Inside the NFL QB battles

NFL training camps open with six starting quarterback jobs up for grabs. Here is a look at each position battle and what each player brings to the table. >> Cleveland Browns Derek ... Continue Reading →