Dorky Brothers Next Door Dreaming of Coaching in the Super Bowl Together One Day

Kevin and Jeff, the weird, unpopular neighborhood boys who live next door, say they are dreaming of one day coaching in a Super Bowl together just like NFL coaches John and Jim Harbaugh ... Continue Reading →

7 Reasons the 49ers Suck and Will Get Killed in Super Bowl XLVII

1. Colin Kaepernick is going to crap all over himself. Yes, Colin Kaepernick is exciting and talented. Yes, he has a bright future. But quarterbacks don't just show up and suddenly ... Continue Reading →

Colin Kaepernick Has Very Specific Instagram Tastes

Yeah, it’s attractive females. Continue Reading →

Colin Kaepernick Arm Cake

It’s pretty good until you get to the hard, bone-like interior. Continue Reading →

If the Players Asked the Super Bowl Media Day Questions

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Alex Smith

Alex Smith Checks Out New Orleans Voodoo Shop For Shits, Giggles, Voodoo

by Ross Snow The San Francisco 49ers team plane landed in New Orleans late Sunday night, giving players and staff a quick chance to explore the city before beginning their rigorous ... Continue Reading →

Madden 13’s Super Bowl Player Ratings Update

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David Akers Attempting to Trademark “Akersing”: Missing a Game-Winning Field Goal in the Super Bowl

San Francisco 49ers kicker David Akers has filed a trademark for "Akersing," which is when a veteran kicker well past his prime who everyone knows shouldn't be relied ... Continue Reading →

49ers Fan is Very Cursey on Live TV

Her nephew must be very proud. Continue Reading →

World’s Greatest Little Girl Rapper is a 49ers Fan

Alex Smith's little girl is adorable. Continue Reading →

FOX Believes the NFL Has More Than One Overtime

Donovan McNabb found a place that will hire him. Continue Reading →

Jim Harbaugh Calls Out Alex Smith Detractors as “Gobble gobble jive turkeys”

Mmmmm. The most delicious turkeys. Continue Reading →

Jim Harbaugh Face

Alex Smith can do horrible things to a man’s face. Continue Reading →

Creepy Guy VideoBombs Alex Smith

What’s with the weird crown? Continue Reading →

Randy Moss Needs to Bulk Up His Ankles

Tiny Hands drops back … throws to Tiny Ankles … it’s a touchdown! Continue Reading →

49ers Excited That So Far Randy Moss Isn’t Behaving Like a Total Dickhead

Randy Moss participated in OTA's with the San Francisco 49ers yesterday and his coaches and teammates couldn't be happier. "Randy showed up on time and did what he was ... Continue Reading →

Shocking News About 49ers QB Alex Smith

Good to see Smith has already landed a job as a Yahoo! Sports editor. Continue Reading →

No Love for Bernie Kosar and Brian Sipe?

The blue is clearly a protest vote. Continue Reading →