LaDainian Tomlinson Retires as One of the Greatest RBs in Fantasy Football History

LaDainian Tomlinson announced Sunday that he will step away from fantasy football, thus ending one of the greatest careers in the game's history. "What can you say about ... Continue Reading →

San Diego Chargers Movie Trailer

"In a world where 8-8 is acceptable … ." Continue Reading →

Ed Hochuli Talks A Lot for a Meathead

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Chargers Lineman Has a Pumpkin Head

Perhaps it’s just a fortunately festive birthmark. Continue Reading →

The Most Philip Rivers Face Ever

Brah. Come ah, brah! Continue Reading →

Bob Sanders as "Mr. Glass"

Before this year, Peyton Manning was the Bruce Willis character. Continue Reading →

San Diego Chargers Whale’s Vagina T-Shirt

Champ Kind approves of this shirt. Continue Reading →

Chargers Fan Excited Enough to Piss Himself

He probably just remembered that Norv Turner is still their head coach. Continue Reading →

The Chargers Have A Lot of 41s

They also have too many Norv Turners. Continue Reading →

Help Shaun Phillips Find a Lactating Mother

From @ShaunPhillips95 AKA San Diego Chargers defensive end Shaun Phillips - – – – - Continue Reading →

Qualcomm Stadium is a Little Wet

Could be from rain, could be from the Chargers sh!tting their pants. Continue Reading →

Chargers Fans Enjoy "Avatar"

They were thrown out of the game for tangling their tails. Obscene. (via @bubbaprog) Continue Reading →

Which of the following NFL teams has the best shot at making the playoffs?

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