PICTURE: Philip Rivers Has Bulging Dick in His Back

And people said the NFL wasn’t ready for a player with a bulging dick in his back. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Sweaty Buffoon Chris Berman Has His Domestic Violence Speech Interrupted by AND THE PUNT IS BLOCKED

Got it, Chris Berman. We should punt all women. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: NFL.com Reports That Seahawks Gave “the Dick” to Chargers

“Watch now on NFL Network.” No, thanks. Continue Reading →

The Motivational T-Shirts of the NFL Playoff Teams

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Chargers Not Sure if They Should Tell Manti Te’o That Santa Isn’t Real

The San Diego Chargers say they are still deciding whether to break the news to rookie linebacker and established moron Manti Te’o that Santa Claus does not magically fly around ... Continue Reading →

Philip Rivers’ Kids Excited to Find Danny Woodhead on the Mantle

“We found him! We found him! He’s on the mantle!” Philip Rivers’ children squealed with delight this morning when they spotted Danny, their Elf on the Shelf, ... Continue Reading →

Final 1998 NFL Draft Grades Give Chargers F, Colts A-

NFL writers released their final grades for the 1998 NFL Draft today and the results for the top two teams in the draft are decidedly different. The Indianapolis Colts, who had the ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Philip Rivers Celebrates as Only Philip Rivers Can

This is also what he did when Norv Turner got fired. Continue Reading →

Player Postcards from NFL Training Camps

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Philip Rivers Tries Really Hard for a Pass

He loves when his receivers put forth that sort of effort. Continue Reading →

Norv Turner’s 2011 Was Bad Even for Him

Only the Chargers were dumb enough to keep him for 2012. Continue Reading →

Chargers’ Fan Very Excited by Sack of Joe Flacco

It would get really R-rated if Norv Turner got fired. Continue Reading →

Philip Rivers Makes a Him Face

Eli Manning and Rivers will always have a great derp face rivalry. Continue Reading →

Norv Turner Even Sucks at Post-Game Tirades

That was the 7-9 of tirades. Continue Reading →

Philip Rivers Face: Concealed

He found even more turnovers in there. Continue Reading →

Peyton Manning Makes One of the Worst Tackle Attempts Ever

So you don't need to be remotely athletic to play quarterback. Interesting. Continue Reading →

LaDainian Tomlinson Retires as One of the Greatest RBs in Fantasy Football History

LaDainian Tomlinson announced Sunday that he will step away from fantasy football, thus ending one of the greatest careers in the game's history. "What can you say about ... Continue Reading →

San Diego Chargers Movie Trailer

"In a world where 8-8 is acceptable … ." Continue Reading →