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Ryan Lochte Tweets Pictures of the Terrible Conditions of the Motel 6 He’s Living In

Inspired by the recent outpouring of tweets demonstrating the subpar living conditions in Sochi, Russia, for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, a forgotten star of the 2012 Summer Olympics ... Continue Reading →

Even Morning News Anchors Think Ryan Lochte is Dumb

One day we will learn that chlorine poisons the brain. Continue Reading →

Ryan Lochte is Somehow Getting Dumber

Lines … and stuff … do be hard. Continue Reading →

Ryan Lochte Did Not Medal in Brains

Wait, so Michael Phelps is supposed to be the pothead? Continue Reading →

Harsh Newspaper Claims Ryan Lochte “Blows”

You fail to medal once and suddenly you’re terrible. Continue Reading →