Brewers Fans Apologize for Ryan Braun Ovation: “We realize now we’ve made some mistakes”

Milwaukee Brewers season ticket holder Bob Douglas, flanked by a dozen other fans representing the entire Brewers fan base, stepped to the microphone today outside Miller Park, cleared ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Brewers Fan Is Going to Need a New Ryan Braun Vanity License Plate

BUX*SUK might be available. Continue Reading →

Disgraced Ryan Braun Urine Handler: “I’m actually very happy in my new urine-free job”

Dino Laurenzi, Jr., worked for years as a urine collector for Major League Baseball. But after he mishandled a Ryan Braun urine sample in 2012, Laurenzi lost his his job and had his ... Continue Reading →
Ryan Brauns

Ryan Braun Returns from 4-Day All-Star Break Packing Additional 53 Pounds of Muscle

Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun said he is excited for the second half of the Major League Baseball season because he feels he is in the “best shape of my life.” Braun ... Continue Reading →

Ryan Braun: "The stress of this scandal has caused me to lose 30 pounds of muscle"

Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun spoke out today about his victorious appeal of his 50-game suspension for violating baseball's drug policy, claiming that he is now innocent ... Continue Reading →

Kinko’s Now Promoting its Urine-Shipping Services

Kinko’s is the one endorsement deal that Ryan Braun may still get. Continue Reading →

Ryan Braun is All Like: "Wha, Brah?"

Ryan Braun’s newest endorsement will be Kinko’s. Continue Reading →

Wisconsin, Minnesota … Same Thing

Who cares what shape their state is? This is sports, not geography, you nerd. Continue Reading →

Ryan Braun Sucks at Hitting Inside-the-Park Home Runs

Hit them over the fence. You don't have to run. Duh. Continue Reading →

She Loves Ryan Braun and Giving Her Personal Info Away

A second date gets you her social security number. (via Midwest Sports Fans) Continue Reading →

Little Mac and King Hippo delight fans with a bout at the All-Star Home Run Derby.

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