God Apologies to Russell Wilson: “I didn’t think I needed to tell you to run Marshawn Lynch from the 1”

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was visibly upset after his team failed to win Super Bowl XLIX Sunday night, due in no small part to Wilson’s interception at the goal ... Continue Reading →

Exclusive Interview with Russell Wilson …. ‘s Twitter

Hi, Russell. Thanks for the opportunity to interview you. Let’s get right into it. Continue Reading →

Meanwhile, on ESPN, the ELITE Quarterback Debate Rages On

  The E in ESPN stands for ELITE. Continue Reading →

Russell Wilson Accidentally Motivating Rival 49ers with All of His Positive, Inspirational Tweets

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is active on Twitter and has more than 500,000 followers on the social media site. But some of his followers are members of the San Francisco ... Continue Reading →

Russell Wilson’s Wife Fetching Him Percy Harvin

That huge mouth is good for many things. Continue Reading →
Shippensburg U. quarterback Zach Zulli. 
Credit: Bill Smith/Ship U.

Undrafted DIII Quarterback Replaces Colin Kaepernick Replaces Russell Wilson Replaces Robert Griffin III Replaces Andrew Luck As Fresh Face of NFL Playoffs

With just four teams still battling it out for the Super Bowl XLVII title, some undrafted quarterback on the Atlanta Falcons' bench has emerged as the new fresh face of 2012 NFL ... Continue Reading →

Russell Wilson’s Wife Has a Large Mouth

She could put that entire mug in there. So hot. (The mug.) Continue Reading →