VIDEO: Rugby Streaker Meets Inevitable End

A rugby field is probably the last one you want to streak, naked drunk man.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Everyone Laugh at the Rugby Flopper

Loud laughter is the only defense against flopping. Continue Reading →
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PICTURE: Old Man Rugby Players Are Tougher Than You Ever Were

Playing rugby in glasses is probably not the smartest thing, but who’s going to tell that guy what to do? Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Rugby Kid Falls Onto Stage, No One Cares

Get up, kid, you pussy.  Continue Reading →

When Tackling a Streaker Goes Wrong

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Kansas City Chiefs Announce They’re Becoming a Rec League Rugby Team

The Kansas City Chiefs announced today the franchise will no longer be a professional football organization, but instead will be the name of a team in the KC Metro Rec Rugby League. ... Continue Reading →

Fan Learns Not to Run on the Rugby Pitch

You don't mess with rugby players. He's lucky he wasn't decapitated and then eaten. Continue Reading →

Rugby Mountain Man

The beard sops up the blood. Continue Reading →

Rugby Kick Turned Back By The Wind

That rugby player probably wants to headbutt Mother Nature. Continue Reading →

Rugby Coach is Very Disappointed, Very Sarcastic

Maybe his team's sarcastic defense isn't working. Continue Reading →

Rugby Ref Gets Totally Creamed

Don't worry about him, everyone knows rugby is fake. Continue Reading →

This Rugby Sports is Kind of Rough

The guy who gave the clothesline was then pulled from the game for not being aggressive enough. Continue Reading →