"You’re a Mean One, Mr. Commish"

http://www.benstonium.com/videos.htm Great parody. Except there's no chance Roger Goodell ever turns good. Continue Reading →

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell agrees with Ben Roethlisberger that the girl in the front row in the yellow halter top is "totally bangable".

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Roger Goodell Warns Players Against Participating In "Fucked Up Bullshit"

NFL Commissioner RogerGoodellheld a press conference Wednesday to reiterate his strict stance on violations of the NFL conduct policy, adding emphasis on making sure players do not ... Continue Reading →

"Thanks again for not suspending me, commish. Here’s that dime bag I promised you."

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Roger Goodell’s suspension generator

Roger Goodell has been criticized for seeming to have no method to his suspension madness. This guy gets a four-game suspension for a seemingly minor traffic infraction, that guy gets ... Continue Reading →

Michael Vick’s Shoes Made of Animal Skins

With Michael Vick facing the biggest interview of his life this week with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell,new accusations have been levied against the one-time NFL star Michael Vick. ... Continue Reading →

Michael, You’re Invited!

What: To a meeting to discuss your reinstatement into the the NFL now that you are out of federal prison for running a dogfighting ring! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ When: Friday, July 24, 2009 — ... Continue Reading →