Visibly Uncomfortable Roger Goodell Announces Chronic Hemorrhoids Awareness Month

Roger Goodell held a hastily arranged press conference this morning at NFL headquarters in Manhattan, announcing that the NFL will hold Chronic Hemorrhoids Awareness Month in November. “I ... Continue Reading →

Roger Goodell Touts Fact That NFL Hasn’t Had a Significant Head Injury in More Than a Week

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell boasted to reporters today that not a single NFL player has sustained brain trauma in nearly a week and a half. "To those who say that the NFL ... Continue Reading →

Roger Goodell Accepts Invitation to Speak at a New Orleans Dark Alley “That is totally not a trap”

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was scheduled to speak today at a dark alley near the intersection of Bourbon Street and St. Ann Street in New Orleans' famed French Quarter. "I'm ... Continue Reading →

Saints Fan Achieves Pinnacle of Saints Fandom: Televised Roger Goodell Hating

Love of football and hatred of Roger Goodell unites all fan bases. Continue Reading →

Roger Goodell Looking to Overhaul Playoffs with Best-of-Seven Series

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell took another shot at adding games to the NFL schedule today, proposing best-of-seven series in each playoff round. Goodell hopes his plan will going ... Continue Reading →

Roger Goodell Sux Jersey

There’s no reason this should be the best-selling jersey in America. Continue Reading →

Best Saints Fan Ever

The back of the shirt with KILL ROGER GOODELL is even better. Continue Reading →

Some of Roger Goodell’s 70,000 Voicemails

"You suck." "You suck balls." "You're the suckiest." "Is this going? Did it beep? I don't know if it beeped yet. I want to tell him that ... Continue Reading →

The NFL Has Finally Released All of Its Bounty Evidence Against the Saints

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Chart of the NFL Justice System

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NFL now selling NFL Shield Tarnish Remover

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Roger Goodell Has Found Love

His hate-filled heart has been suspended. Continue Reading →

Roger Goodell Suspensions: The Board Game!

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