Tennis - ATP Masters Series - Monte Carlo - Roger Federer v Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo

Roger Federer Admits He Still Doesn’t Completely Understand the Scoring in Tennis

Tennis superstar Roger Federer, who has won 16 career Grand Slam titles, admitted today that he's not completely sure if he gets how the scoring works in the sport he has played ... Continue Reading →

Ball Boy Decapitation at the Australian Open

If you're going to hit a shot, may as well kill someone with it. Continue Reading →

Roger Federer is Das Ass

It’s German for … something ass-related, probably. Continue Reading →

Terrifying Roger Federer Mask

It’s terrifying yet, because it’s Federer, also somehow quite boring. Continue Reading →

Some Other Guy Good at Tennis Now, Too

According to several sources close to men's tennis, there is a third guy who isn't Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal who is now good at the sport. "I've been looking ... Continue Reading →
Qatar ATP Open Tennis

Federer and Nadal Play Tennis in the Water

Note in the middle of the picture is Qatar’s famed penis building. Continue Reading →
Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki

Roger Federer Turns Heads at US Open with Revealing Tennis Dress

Roger Federer moved on at the US Open last night, but it wasn't his usual stellar play that left tennis fans talking — it was his low-cut tennis dress. "I thought I ... Continue Reading →

Roger Federer has a personality!!! (And can do cool trick shots.)

I suppose the shot could be fake. But him having a personality seems amazingly legit. Wow! Continue Reading →