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Exclusive Interview with RG3 … ‘s Twitter

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RG III: “My tires getting slashed was just a team-building exercise”

Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III had his tires slashed by teammates after practice today, but insists he has the full support of his fellow players and that the incident was ... Continue Reading →

Griffins to Discontinue Faulty RG Line

The Griffins announced today that they will no longer produce RGs, in light of the many maintenance issues with the latest model, RGIII.  Continue Reading →

Athlete Apps: LeBron, RGIII, Johnny Football and Derek Jeter

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VIDEO: Jay Gruden is as Sick of Hearing About RGIII as Everyone Else Is

Enjoy your time there, Jay. Only a few million RG3-related questions to go. Continue Reading →

Report: Shanahans Giving Kirk Cousins All the “Good plays”

Suspicions that Mike Shanahan is not being truthful with his stated reasoning for sitting Robert Griffin III for the remainder of the season gained credence today with reports of favoritism ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: 6-Second Metaphor for RG3’s NFL Career

Mike Shanahan probably put that plastic there. Continue Reading →

RGIII Disappointed in Opposing NFL Teams for Not Letting Him Showcase His Talents

Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III ripped the entire NFL today for its continued insistence on preventing him from having success on the field. “I have a huge ceiling as ... Continue Reading →
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RGIII Not Sure if He’ll Start Mike Shanahan at Head Coach This Week

Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III addressed the media today on the job status of head coach Mike Shanahan. While refusing to give his head coach a vote of confidence, RGIII ... Continue Reading →
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Washington’s New RG3 Protection Package to Feature One EMT on the Field at All Times

Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III is at 100-percent following offseason knee surgery, but his team still plans to take measures to keep him as healthy as possible. Head coach ... Continue Reading →
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Kirk Cousins Insists RG3 is Ready to Take Full-Speed Hits to His Knees

Washington backup quarterback Kirk Cousins showed support for Robert Griffin III today saying he believes RG3 should “immediately be given the opportunity to take hits to his ... Continue Reading →
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RG3 Confident He Can Start Week 1, And Then Again Week 15 or So

Despite being less than seven months from undergoing reconstructive knee surgery, Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin, III declared today after practice that he feels he ... Continue Reading →

RGIII Ends Sham Engagement, Keeps All the Blenders He Got

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III announced today that his engagement his off. "We never planned to get married. I never planned to get married. I'm rich, ... Continue Reading →
Shippensburg U. quarterback Zach Zulli. 
Credit: Bill Smith/Ship U.

Undrafted DIII Quarterback Replaces Colin Kaepernick Replaces Russell Wilson Replaces Robert Griffin III Replaces Andrew Luck As Fresh Face of NFL Playoffs

With just four teams still battling it out for the Super Bowl XLVII title, some undrafted quarterback on the Atlanta Falcons' bench has emerged as the new fresh face of 2012 NFL ... Continue Reading →

RGIII’s New Nickname

He’s so awesome, he gets to park close to every building. Continue Reading →

Cam Newton Wows Teammates with Tales of Long-Forgotten Rookie Year: “I was the RG3 of my time”

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton had quite an audience today in the Panther locker room when he told story after story to awestruck Carolina rookies about how he was considered ... Continue Reading →

Apple Has Released the RG4

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Redskins: "Kirk Cousins is the right quarterback to move us past the 40-hour Robert Griffin III era"

The Washington Redskins introduced new quarterback Kirk Cousins at a packed press conference today, describing the 4th Round pick as a great fit for the organization. "This is ... Continue Reading →