Rob Gronkowski Pretending He’s Drunk and Shirtless at 4 AM Because His Team Won the Super Bowl

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has been partying non-stop since the Patriots won the Super Bowl Sunday night, an accomplishment a drunk Gronkowski said of this morning ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Rob Gronkowski and Marshawn Lynch Playing “Mortal Kombat X” with Conan

Beast Mode is a good name for a video game. Continue Reading →

Brash Gronkowski Vows: “I have learned all the rules on what constitutes a completed catch”

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski made one of the boldest claims in NFL history today, saying he has read and completely comprehends all of the NFL rules on what constitutes ... Continue Reading →

Rob Gronkowski Vows to Watch Super Bowl: “But strictly for the ‘Omaha’ Drinking Game”

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady attracted media attention this week after saying he has no intention to watch the Super Bowl following his team’s loss to the Broncos ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Rob Gronkowski’s Unfortunate Aaron Hernandez Tweet of 2011

Gronk has been the mastermind all along! Well, him along with Urban Meyer, of course. Continue Reading →

Rob Gronkowski Has Preemptive Surgery On Four Remaining Healthy Body Parts

by Ross Snow New England Patriots oft-injured tight end Rob Gronkowski underwent yet another surgery on Tuesday, this time on his ailing back, and while under, opted to have preemptive ... Continue Reading →

Rob Gronkowski Spike Fail

It's hard to hold onto the ball when your hands are covered in lube. Continue Reading →

Rob Gronkowski Announces He’s Playing Shirtless This Season

New England Patriots tight end and bro's bro Rob Gronkowski announced today he intends to play the upcoming season without his jersey or any pads above the waist. "I've ... Continue Reading →

Transcript: Robert Kraft Tells Rob Gronkowski to Tone it Down

Robert Kraft's office at Gillette Stadium. There is a knock at the door. [[[chat]]] Kraft: Come in. Gronkowski: Sup, B-Kraf. Good to see you, my man. Kraft: Hey, Rob. Good to ... Continue Reading →

Rob Gronkowski Amazed That Virgins Still Exist

Gronkowski had sex at 9 and got his first VD at 10. Because he's cool. Continue Reading →

Rob Gronkowski Says He Would Make Sweet Love to Tim Tebow

So would America, Rob. This is not news. Continue Reading →

Rob Gronkowski Takes Tom Brady from Behind

Pefect. A Tom Brady doll that is begging for a penalty. Continue Reading →

Rob Gronkowski Wears Zubaz

It’s the only thing he wears (when not in uniform pants or naked with a porn star). Continue Reading →

Leaked Document: Proposed NFL Rules for Player Behavior Following a Super Bowl Loss

Continue Reading →

Rob Gronkowski Said to be Hour-to-Hour as His Ankle Sprain Takes a Turn for the Worse

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski may have just hours to live after his high-ankle sprain has reportedly become even more serious. "You know I don't like giving ... Continue Reading →

The Gronk Song

Yet another sin against rap from the city of Boston. Continue Reading →

Rob Gronkowski’s Spikes Set to the "1812 Overture"

Rob Gronkowski totally seems like a big classical music fan. Continue Reading →

Rob Gronkowski’s Ass Blood

Whoever did that to him should have been called for a penalty. Continue Reading →