Shirtless Rick Pitino Gets His Louisville Tattoo

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Rick Pitino Sharts Pants Because of Confetti Cannons

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Rick Pitino Gives the Finger to CBS Cameras

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Rick Pitino’s Many Failings Crush Large Bird

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2010 Sports Punchline Honoree: Rick Pitino

Taking a look at the biggest sports punchlines of 2010… According to various studies, the average person reads 225 words a minute. Some can obviously read more. Some, of course, ... Continue Reading →

Taking another look at Rick Pitino’s self-help book

A few years ago Rick Pitino published a best-selling self-help book called "Success Is a Choice: 10 Steps To Overachieving In Business and Life." It was an incredibly revealing ... Continue Reading →

Sunlight hits the hair of Karen Sypher as she enters the courthouse, causing Rick Pitino to mess up his pants in far less than 15 seconds.

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"It’s like looking in a mirror that is able to reflect rotting souls."

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Louisville head coach Rick Pitino cries out from abdominal pain caused by his syphilis.

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Rick Pitino Uses Veterans Day as Justification for Getting a Blowjob

Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino propositioned his secretary for a blowjob this morning and, when an assistant walked in and witnessed the sexual act being conducted, Pitino ... Continue Reading →

Short play: "A Rick Pitino Press Conference"

In Rick Pitino's first press conference following the news about his restaurant tryst, he invoked 9/11. In his latest press conference, he tried to shame the media for focusing ... Continue Reading →

Picture this: Osama bin Laden butt naked banging on the restaurant floor

So who is really to blame for Rick Pitino's "indiscretion"? Rick Pitino knows: it's those no-good terrorists with their 9/11. Here is Pitino's quote at his ... Continue Reading →

Rival Coaches Telling Recruits That Rick Pitino Might Abort Them

Rick Pitino hoped the sordid details of his personal life wouldn't affect his results on the court. But now it appears rival coaches are using the details of the Louisville head ... Continue Reading →