5 Tattoos Rex Ryan Already Has

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Rex Ryan’s New Calf Tattoo

It’s a great way to get more fans in New Jersey. Continue Reading →

BREAKING: Rex Ryan About to Say Something

According to several sources and also people just playing the odds, outspoken New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is about to say something. And while no one can be 100-percent sure ... Continue Reading →

Rex and Rob Ryan: The College Years

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Boston Metro Takes a Subtle Approach to Rex Ryan

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If Other Coaches Talked Trash Like Rex Ryan

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Rex Ryan Very Disappointed to Get Christmas Socks

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan expressed great disappointment today over getting socks for Christmas. "I don't know if this is some kind of cruel f—king joke or ... Continue Reading →

Get Your Rex Ryan Foot Fetish T-Shirts

http://nyc.barstoolsports.com/random-thoughts/immortalize-rex-ryans-foot-fetish-forever-with-your-very-own-toes-before-hoes-t-shirt/ They can be to Boston fans what 18-1 t-shirts were ... Continue Reading →

Chicago Tribune Writes About Rex Ryan In Foot Layout

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Rex Ryan Has Some Advice for His Kicker

[[[chat]]]Rex Ryan: Hey, Nick. Good to see you. How you doin'? Nick Folk: Good, coach. What's up? Rex Ryan: Well, son, it's my job to always improve this team and I've ... Continue Reading →

Rex Ryan Dresses In Drag

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Rex Ryan Chosen as Site for 2014 Coronary

It’s been an exciting week for the New York metropolitan area. First, the New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey was chosen as the site for the 2014 Super Bowl. ... Continue Reading →

The many (fat) faces of Rex Ryan

Hey, did you hear that New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is a bit overweight? The New York Post claims he ingests 7,000 calories a day of "Rexican" food. So, yeah … ... Continue Reading →