New Bills Coach Rex Ryan Guarantees Jets Will Win the Super Bowl

Rex Ryan was introduced as the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills on Wednesday and immediately displayed his trademark personality, boldly guaranteeing again that the New York Jets ... Continue Reading →

Rex Ryan Tells John Fox He Can Use the Sex Swing in His Office During Super Bowl Week

The Denver Broncos will occupy the New York Jets’ locker room at MetLife Stadium for Super Bowl XLVIII while the Seattle Seahawks have use of the New York Giants’ locker ... Continue Reading →

Rex Ryan on Jets Roster Cuts: “This was hard because really everyone deserves to get cut”

The New York Jets cut their roster from 90 down to 76 today, forcing head coach Rex Ryan to make decisions he said “were the hardest in my career in this job.” A solemn ... Continue Reading →
Rex Ryan, Buddy Ryan, Rob Ryan

Brothers Rex and Rob Ryan to Go Head-to-Head in Tecmo Bowl

As football fans prepare for the "HarBowl" or "Superbaugh" — depending on which nickname you prefer for the Jim Harbaugh vs. John Harbaugh Super Bowl — ... Continue Reading →

Rex Ryan Names Tim Tebow Offseason Starter at Quarterback

After another horrific start by Mark Sanchez closed out the New York Jets' season at 6-10, Rex Ryan announced in his post-game press conference that second-string quarterback ... Continue Reading →

Rex Ryan is Amused by the Terrible Direction of His Offense

If he couldn’t laugh, he’d kill himself. Continue Reading →

Rex Ryan Wears Classy T-Shirts

Maybe he’d be a better softball coach. Continue Reading →

Goddam Reason for Rex Ryan’s Weight Loss

Goddam snacks have more calories than regular snacks. Continue Reading →

Rex Ryan Gets Tebowed for the First Time

Well, second time if you count when Tebow hilariously beat the Jets. Continue Reading →

Alaska is Mark Sanchez Country

Apparently they think those with Mexican heritage look like Eskimos. RAYCESS! Continue Reading →

Rex Ryan Mad About Being Worse Than Belichick

Whoa. Do you kiss your mom's feet with that mouth? Continue Reading →

Rex Ryan: The Stylish Years

Damn. He probably got into a lot of ladies’ shoes back then. Continue Reading →

Rex Ryan Boldly Predicts He Won’t be Fired Before the End of the Season

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan unveiled another dubious prediction today, proclaiming at his weekly press conference that "I probably, most likely, won't get shitcanned ... Continue Reading →

Someone Farted During the 9/11 Ceremony

It’s okay. Rex Ryan likes the smell of farts. It’s his scent. Continue Reading →

5 Tattoos Rex Ryan Already Has

Continue Reading →

Rex Ryan’s New Calf Tattoo

It’s a great way to get more fans in New Jersey. Continue Reading →

BREAKING: Rex Ryan About to Say Something

According to several sources and also people just playing the odds, outspoken New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is about to say something. And while no one can be 100-percent sure ... Continue Reading →

Rex and Rob Ryan: The College Years

I bet they pulled some crazy hot feet back in the day. Continue Reading →