When Soccer Referees Attack

Yellow carding yourself is never fun. Continue Reading →

Caron Butler Blocks Shot Off of Referee’s Face

This is the best way to deal with NBA refs. Continue Reading →

Ref Falling Over is the Highlight of the Cotton Bowl

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3-Year Old Girl Destroys South Carolina-Michigan Outback Bowl Refs

She makes more sense than most football analysts already. Continue Reading →

Outback Bowl Ref Redefines First Downs

It’s an exhibition game. Who cares. Continue Reading →

Greatest Referee Moments and Fails of 2012

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NBA Ref is a Shot-Blocking Machine

He is the Dikembe Mutombo of referees. Continue Reading →

Tim Duncan and Tony Parker Shoot Joey Crawford

Shooting him and hanging seems excessive. Continue Reading →

NBA Ref Makes Greatest Blocking Call Ever

Mrs. NBA Ref must be a very lucky woman. Continue Reading →

NBA Ref Channels Enrico Palazzo for Foul Call

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Ref Withstands KO Punch in Boxing Match

Punching refs could be what makes boxing popular again. Continue Reading →

Regular Refs are Very Cursey

This never would have happened with replacement refs. They didn't even know how to speak. Continue Reading →

Awesome Ref Denies Player’s High-Five

Promote him to the NFL. Continue Reading →

Ump Really Enjoys Reds-Giants Game

He seems too close to Buster Posey to call a fair game. Continue Reading →

Scab Fake News Correspondent Addresses Scab NFL Refs

The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook Scottish people know as much about the NFL as replacement refs. Continue Reading →

Ed Hochuli Receives the Presidential Whistle of Freedom

President Obama awarded the Whistle of Freedom to Ed Hochuli at a White House ceremony this morning. "America could not love and respect you more," the president said. "Unfortunately, ... Continue Reading →

Some of Roger Goodell’s 70,000 Voicemails

"You suck." "You suck balls." "You're the suckiest." "Is this going? Did it beep? I don't know if it beeped yet. I want to tell him that ... Continue Reading →

America’s Innocence Lost Due to Poor Referee Call in Seattle Seahawks’ Game

A football touchdown that shouldn't have been is in the record books. Now America will attempt to pick up the pieces and move on. "How are parents supposed to look at their ... Continue Reading →