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VIDEO: Joey Crawford is Sick of NBA Mop Boys Half-Assing It

Joey Crawford probably makes citizen’s arrests using his whistle.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: MAC Ref Calls a Safety 4 Yards Out of the End Zone

That’s some amazing ref MACtion.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: High School Ump Has a “Whoomp! There it is!” Strike Call

I thought you knew … in that I thought you had a better eye for the strike zone. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: NHL Ref Rules That “You can’t do that”

“You can’t do that” is a nice catch-all for every penalty in every sport. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Boxing Ref is the Toughest Guy in the Ring

The best example yet that boxing is circling the drain: boxers are now getting beaten up by refs. Continue Reading →

NFL Referees Getting Very Familiar With Player Crotches

They do cup checks now. Full service officials. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: LLWS Ump Clearly Never Pitched in the LLWS

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, umpire at the Little League World Series. Continue Reading →
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VIDEO: LLWS Ump Really Enjoys It When Little Kids Strike Out

There’s no greater joy than delighting in the failures of children. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Tackle by Soccer Ref One of the Better Football Hits You’ll See All Season

Oh, sure. He doesn’t seem so liberal with handing out cards when he’s the offender. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Soccer Lineswoman Takes a Ball to the Face

Soccer lineswoman concussions: the biggest sports issue in modern times. Continue Reading →

Study: Shitty Teams Think They Don’t Get Any Calls

In a decades-long study that looked at collegiate and major professional sports across the world, researchers revealed today that really shitty teams tend to believe that they never ... Continue Reading →

Angel Hernandez Now Apparently Working High School Baseball

The fielder threw it to first because he caught it. Got it? Continue Reading →

Soccer Linesman Decides to Attack Player

That's a good kick. He must have played soccer before. Continue Reading →

Soccer Ref Attacked by Vuvuzela-Wielding Man

Still better than having to hear one. Continue Reading →

Hockey Player Throws His Stick at Ref

That's not high-sticking, so … play on! Continue Reading →

Now Larry Sanders is Elbowing Referees in the Face

A preemptive strike is the best course of action. Continue Reading →

Brazilian Soccer Player Decides to Karate Kick Ref in the Face

Yeah! Showed him who's in charge! Continue Reading →

Larry Sanders Gets Thrown Out of a Game in Style

It's as though the officials felt he was being sarcastic. Continue Reading →