VIDEO: Joel Quenneville and His Crotch Disagree with the Refs

Mr. Quenneville’s crotch makes a good point. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Pelicans Keep Ball in Play Off of Ref’s Face

That’s a great designed play to run after getting a bad call. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Hockey Ref Seems Pretty Drunk

He’s either drunk or the most relaxed ref ever.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Umpire Takes a Line Drive in the 2 Balls and 1 Strike

Two balls, no cup. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Olli Maatta Dropped by Solid Check from Ref

Someone needs to call a penalty on that guy.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Michal Rozsival Punched a Linesman in the Face

That stupid linesman needs to learn about “The Code.” Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Ed Hochuli and the Other Refs Were Stretching Their Balls

Someone of his strength can stretch balls very far. Continue Reading →
joey crawfordJ

VIDEO: Joey Crawford is Sick of NBA Mop Boys Half-Assing It

Joey Crawford probably makes citizen’s arrests using his whistle.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: MAC Ref Calls a Safety 4 Yards Out of the End Zone

That’s some amazing ref MACtion.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: High School Ump Has a “Whoomp! There it is!” Strike Call

I thought you knew … in that I thought you had a better eye for the strike zone. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: NHL Ref Rules That “You can’t do that”

“You can’t do that” is a nice catch-all for every penalty in every sport. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Boxing Ref is the Toughest Guy in the Ring

The best example yet that boxing is circling the drain: boxers are now getting beaten up by refs. Continue Reading →

NFL Referees Getting Very Familiar With Player Crotches

They do cup checks now. Full service officials. Continue Reading →