The British Royal Family and Their Sports World Equivalents

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NASCAR Fan Wearing Daisy Dukes

No (male) NASCAR fan should exhibit his love of Dukes Of Hazzard this way. Continue Reading →

Motorcycle Races Pretty Well After Crashing Its Rider

Have to get rid of that dead weight. (Note: he didn't really die.) Continue Reading →

Get Your NASCAR Coffin!

Who says you have to die in style? Continue Reading →

Archery Motorcycle Racing

Finally a sport more dangerous than football. Continue Reading →

Racing Reporter Falls Down The Steps

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Tractor Pull Tractor Explodes

One down, all of the rest of them to go. Continue Reading →

Car Pants

Back that ass up, lady. Really. You’re in a no parking zone. Continue Reading →
Shaquille O'Neal

New Year’s Resolutions from Some of Your Favorite Athletes

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F1 Racing Used to Feature Karate

http://jalopnik.com/5710214/three+time-f1-world-champion-goes-medieval-on-track-rival You can call this the glory days of F1 racing. Continue Reading →

Jimmie Johnson Thanks Jesus for NASCAR Title After Inking Sponsorship Deal With Jesus

NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson won his fifth consecutive Sprint Cup title on Sunday, but the most memorable moment of the day may have come after the race when he gave a very personal ... Continue Reading →

How Some of Your Favorite Athletes Are Dressing Up for Halloween

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Lamborghinis Are Bad At Crashing

It's almost like they're not built for safety. Continue Reading →

This NASCAR fan probably roots for the Dick’s Sporting Goods car

You can take the kid out of the trailer park, but not the junk out of your pants. Continue Reading →

Honest Sports Movie Titles

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The Miller Lite car gets towed off the track at Pocono after another DUI-related crash.

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Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Finishes Last After Misplacing His Keys

Dale Earnhardt, Jr.'s struggles continued yesterday when he couldn't find the keys to his NASCAR, which prompted a late start in the Brickyard 400 and a last-place finish. "Ah, ... Continue Reading →

A father warns his daughter about pursuing her dreams, lest she become a female douchebag like Danica Patrick.

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