The Funniest Athlete Tweets of 2012

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If Sports Equipment Came with Disclaimers

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NASCAR’s Brad Keselowski is the Worst Basketball Player and Athlete Ever

LeBron could probably be a good car driver. Continue Reading →

Drunk Brad Keselowski Wins NASCAR, Life

Benching a lot helps in auto racing. Didn't know that. Continue Reading →

Racing Reporter Deserves Hazard Pay

Definitely too fast and also too furious. Continue Reading →

What does Dale Earnhardt, Jr.’s first win since 2008 mean to you?

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Good, Old-Fashioned Crash and Fistfight on the Track at an Indiana Speedway

At this level, they punch each other just for the enjoyment of it. Continue Reading →

NASCAR Scraps Plan to Use Referees After 12 Die in Debut Race

With the blood and tissues of the fallen still being washed off the Dover International Speedway track behind him, NASCAR president Brian France announced today that the circuit has ... Continue Reading →

A Reminder Why No One Likes Kurt Busch

That's no way to appeal to gentile Southerners. Continue Reading →

Baby Doesn’t Want to Pray Before NASCAR Race

That baby does what we all want to do. What a cool baby. Continue Reading →

The Official Kid of NASCAR

He got an actual car to run him over for that tire print mohawk. Continue Reading →

The 25 Funniest Athlete Names in Sports History

From more than 220,000 reader votes on nearly 70 athlete names … #25 – Dean Windass Fun Fact: Windass, a striker for Scarborough Athletic, creates space on the pitch with his violently ... Continue Reading →

The Most Pickup Truck Ever

Can’t make out all of the license plate. Which Southern state is it from. Continue Reading →

The Funniest Athlete Names in Sports History

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Zamboni Driving Down the Street

It's not safe to drive behind him on the fresh ice. Continue Reading →

NASCAR Cares Not for National Anthem Singer’s Hat

"Take that shit off your head" are the original opening lyrics to the national anthem. Continue Reading →

New NASCAR Points Standings Formula to be Based Primarily on Driver Twitter Followers

The NASCAR circuit further engaged with social media today by making the number of followers a driver has on Twitter a major determining factor in the Sprint Cup points formula. "We ... Continue Reading →

NASCAR to Investigate Why There Aren’t Awesome Explosions on Every Lap

NASCAR president Mike Helton promised a full and comprehensive study into the lack of "amazing, kick-ass explosions" on every lap of the circuit's races after a safety ... Continue Reading →