VIDEO: Awesome Little Kid Prefers Pro Wrestling Figurines to World Cup Soccer

It’s real to him, dammit. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Ben Roethlisberger and a Clown at Royal Rumble

He didn’t make the Pro Bowl, so he decided to attend an equally fake sports event. Continue Reading →

Amateur Professional Wrestling Remains a Bad Idea

What is this? Just a suicide attempt. Continue Reading →

Obese Pro Wrestlers are the Best Pro Wrestlers

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Pro Wrestlers Taking Deep Breaths

They inject steroids directly into their lungs. Continue Reading →

Pro Wrestlers vs. Inanimate Objects

Inanimate objects need to start taking steroids. Continue Reading →

Stan Van Gundy to Return to Role as Paul Bearer on WWE

Less than a day after being fired by the Orlando Magic, now-former head coach Stan Van Gundy announced that he will return to his role as Paul Bearer, manager of The Undertaker, on ... Continue Reading →

What month is it and who will win the Super Bowl?

From @RMundy29 AKA Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Mundy … – – – – – From @bejones00 AKA Green Bay Packers linebacker Brad Jones … Continue Reading →

If Classic Novels Were About Sports

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9 Year-Old Japanese Girl is a Wrestling Star

Sometimes wrestling seems fake. But not this time! Continue Reading →

RIP Macho Man Randy Savage

Nobody did it better, nobody did it half as crazy as you. Continue Reading →

Mexican Wrestling Keeps It Classy By Drop-Kicking A Little Person

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Pro Wrestling May Have Made a Comeback With This Clip

Apologies if you were hypnotized by this video. Continue Reading →

Bros Icing Really Old, Washed Up Bros

Ric Flair, you've been iced! Unfortunately, it wasn't for your knees that were iced, which I assume are arthritic. Continue Reading →