PICTURE: The Most Portland Fan Sign Rips Houston for Not Recycling

Their food probably isn’t even locally sourced, the monsters. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Portland Trail Blazers Had the Most Depressing First Tweet Ever

I’m too depressed to find out what Greg Oden’s first Tweet was. – – – – – Also see …  PICTURE: Trail Blazers fans blew the Durant-Oden ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Trail Blazers Would Like to Join the Eastern Conference

Their friend must be the Utah Jazz. Continue Reading →

Man Proudly Picks Nose During NBA Broadcast

Cleaning your nasal passages is better than watching the Knicks. Continue Reading →

Wes Matthews Fairs Poorly on Jamal Crawford Crossover

You can't be humiliated if you don't even try. I guess. Continue Reading →

J.J. Hickson: Not a Point Guard

Who says you have to throw alley-oop passes only to the basket? Continue Reading →

Portland Trail Blazers Fans Should Have Honked Twice

All of the honking actually blew out Greg Oden’s eardrums. Continue Reading →

Joel Przybilla Dunks Poorly for a 7-foot-1 Guy

If he was 8-foot-1, he totally would have put that down. Continue Reading →

Greg Oden Opts to Have His Legs Amputated, Turns Focus to Wheelchair Basketball Career

Greg Oden's NBA career is over. After the star-crossed Portland Trail Blazers big man had yet another knee operation this week that resulted in unexpected microfracture surgery, ... Continue Reading →

Cereal Fan Also a Trail Blazers Fan

Cereal at a pro sports event will run you $8.50. Continue Reading →

Greg Oden Gets Humiliated by TMZ

Even TMZ probably wouldn't refer to Greg Oden as a "star". Continue Reading →

Blazers Fan is Tired After Traveling Here from 1990

She (he?) will wake up if the P.A. plays Slayer. Continue Reading →

Lebron James Nearly Compound Fractures Opponent’s Ankles

That guy is so bad he could play for the Heat. Continue Reading →

Lebron’s iPhone Auto-Correct is Set for Greg Oden Jokes

From @KingJames AKA Miami Heat forward Lebron James … – – – – – Continue Reading →

The Must-Have NBA Game This Holiday Season: O(den)peration!

It's definitely better than this game, which never even made it into stores: Continue Reading →

Greg Oden Enjoys Accuracy in His T-Shirts

Chances are he dislocates his shoulder taking that shirt off. Continue Reading →

7 Other Surgeries Named After Athletes

Tommy John isn't the only athlete with a surgery named after him. Here are a few others. Continue Reading →