Now Lebron James is Mocking Plaxico Burress, Too

If that touchdown had been late in the game, Lebron would have shot and missed his leg. Continue Reading →

CBS Reports That Plaxico Burress Didn’t Catch Many Passes in Prison

Prison must have great defensive backs. Continue Reading →

Stevie Johnson Mocks Plaxico Burress’ Gunshot Wound

It's funny because Burress lost 2 years of his life thanks to a mayor making an example of him. Continue Reading →

New York Post with a Predictably Subtle Plaxico Burress Headline

The Post would likely be willing to donate the money to pay his Giants or Jets salary. Continue Reading →

Plaxico Burress Accidentally Fires Celebratory Gunshots Into His Leg

Former NFL receiver Plaxico Burress was released from prison on Monday after nearly two years behind bars. But his happy day quickly turned painful when he fired off a few rounds to ... Continue Reading →

You’ve Shot Yourself. Now What? — An Athlete’s Guide

The life of a modern professional athlete seems glamorous. Money, fame, women. But it's also very easy to shoot yourself. If you are a professional athlete and suddenly find yourself ... Continue Reading →

Plaxico Burress enters his sentencing hearing flanked by his attorney, Benjamin Brafman, and holding the person he wishes had handled his case.

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